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9th Battalion Officers 1915

Official photograph of the officers of the 9th (Service) Battalion of the Worcestershire Regiment taken by Gale & Polden Ltd Photographers of Aldershot and London at Blackdown in 1915, shortly before the battalion left for the Dardanelles.  Cyril Sladden wrote on 20th June 1915:  “I have ordered photos of the officers and C Company which will be sent in due course by Gale & Polden of Aldershot.”  On 24th August 1915, his mother, Eugénie, wrote:  When we look at the photograph of your fellow officers and think what a number of them have been killed or injured, it makes me feel very sad.”  Against the names at the bottom, dates have been added for those who died.

Back row:  2nd-Lt J N Lancaster (10/8/15), 2nd-Lt R C Marshall, Lt J A Higgs-Walker, 2nd-Lt J C Bourne (July 1915), Lt C J Tree (July 1915), 2nd-Lt R T Cavenagh, 2nd-Lt C J Howell (25/1/17).  One name is missing from the list (eight men are pictured but only seven names); it is most likely Lt de Blaby as, by cross-referencing against the list kept by Ethel Sladden, his is the only name missing.

Middle row:  Capt F Falcon (6/8/15), 2nd-Lt L E Hiscock (10/8/15), Lt G T Pearson (12/8/15), Lt T Neame, Lt R N Bellairs, 2nd-Ltd C W F Rawle (5/4/16), 2nd-Lt C T Hambling, 2nd-Lt F G V Beard (France), Lt E H Hiscock (25/1/17, Lt P MacD Sanderson, Lt C E Sladden.

Front row:  Lt &Qr-Mr C H Inwood, Capt R B Horsfield, Capt W D Gibbon, Maj W Barker (13/8/15), Capt & Adjt J V Godfray, Lt-Col M H Nunn (10/8/15), Maj C W Crofton (10/8/15), Maj E W Boyd-Moss DSO (10/8/15), Capt G W Rolph (10/8/15), Capt S Munnik, Capt W Austin (? France).

The Sladden family kept a list of officers of the 9th Worcesters, noting if they had been killed or wounded.

At the top, the following note has been added:  “List kept by sisters of CES during the war – JCS, 8.11.77.”  This note was written by Cyril Sladden’s son, John Cyril Sladden, in November 1977.  The names listed are:

  • Lieut-Col Nunn                         Killed
  • Major Barker                             Missing, believed killed
  • Major Crofton                           Killed
  • Major Boyd-Moss DSO           Killed Aug 10
  • Captain & Adj Godfray            Wounded Aug
  • Captain W Austin
  • Captain F Falcon                      Killed Aug 9
  • Captain W D Gibbon               Wounded Aug /15, died of wounds April /16
  • Captain R B Horsfield             Wounded
  • Captain Munnik                        Wounded
  • Captain Rolph                           Wounded and missing, now reported killed
  • Lieut Bellairs                             Wounded
  • Lieut Higgs-Walker
  • Lieut & Qr-Mr C H Inwood
  • Lieut Neame                              Wounded
  • Lieut E H Hiscock (Capt)       Wounded April 5th
  • Lieut Saunderson (Capt)         Wounded April 9th
  • Lieut Pearson                             Killed Aug 12
  • Lieut Sladden (Capt)                Wounded Aug 12, wounded April 9th
  • Lieut Tree                                   Died of wounds July 20
  • Lieut de Blaby                           Wounded Aug
  • 2nd-Lt Bourne                          Killed July 17
  • 2nd-Lt Cavanagh                     Wounded
  • 2nd-Lt Beard                            Killed July /16
  • 2nd-Lt L E Hiscock                 Killed
  • 2nd-Lt Marshall                       Wounded Aug, wounded April 9th
  • 2nd-Lt Lancaster                     Killed Aug
  • 2nd-Lt Howell                          Wounded April 5th-9th
  • 2nd-Lt Hambling
  • 2nd-Lt Rawle                           Wounded Aug, killed April 5th /16

A line has then been drawn and 14 names added; these are men not pictured on the 1915 photo of officers.

  • Capt E B Conybeare              Killed April 5th
  • Capt H P Dobson                   Killed April 5th
  • 2nd-Lt H F Downie               Wounded April 5th
  • Major W F O Faviell              Wounded April 5th
  • Lt T N Holmden                     Wounded April 5th
  • Lt H B Hulbert                        Wounded April 5th
  • 2nd-Lt J W Snowdon            Wounded April 5th
  • 2nd-Lt P J Stidston               Wounded April 5th
  • 2nd-Lt C H West                    Wounded April 5th
  • Capt A N C Kittermaster      Missing, believed killed April
  • 2nd-Lt A H Davis                  Wounded April 5th-9th
  • 2nd-Lt R R Davies                Wounded April 5th-9th
  • 2nd-Lt A Dunkley                 Wounded April 5th-9th
  • Lt E K Myles                          Wounded April 9th

© The Sladden family descendants and by kind permission of the Imperial War Museum (reference 60/98/3)