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Memorial (Ch.7.)

Marble Plaque

Near this Place lies interr'd in hope
Of a Joyfull Resurrection the bodyes of
Of Alldington in this Parish Gent: Aged 73
years who dyed Anno Domini 1681
and of JANE his wife the daughter of WILLIAM
of Bengeworth Gent: who dyed
Anno Domini 1683, Aged 73 years,
by whom he had Issue three Sons
& two Daughters, THOMAS, AUGUSTIN &
JANE ley buried here with them and
MARY the youngest Daughter Married
HUMPHREY MAYO of hope in ye County
Of Herreford Gent. And WILLIAM
the Eldest Son MARCHANT IN
London Set this Monument
In a dutifull & affectionate
memory of them, 1685

[W.J./ R1/ B.28.4.1681/ J.J./ R1/ B.7.9.1683/ T.J./ R1/ 7.9.1666/ A.J./ R1/ B.2.12.1685/ J.J./ R1/ B. 8.7.1646]

Marble Plaque
Marble Plaque