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Memorial (Ch.13.)

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Year 1792.
A collection made in the Parish of Badsey to buy an
Instrument called the Bassoon with Books and reeds, That is to say
say for the use of ye Choir of Singers belonging to Badsey Church, And at
Wickhamford Church if it's Agreable to the same Choir Service while,
And at no other place without leave of ye Minister and Churchwardens
Of the Aforesaid Parish of Badsey, So long as ye sd Bassoon shall last.



Subscribers s : d
The Revd Mr Jones 2:6 & paying for a stamp 6s 1d
Wm Collet 5:0
John Collet 1:6
James Morris 1:0
John Gibbs 1:6
Charles Simpson 2:6
Piercy Jones 5:0
Francis Jones 5:0
John Jones 2:6
Widow Timbrill 2:6
Thomas Byrd 10:6
Widow Byrd 0:6
Edwd Wilson 3:6
Saml Rickard 1:0
William Ballard 2:6
Thomas Smith 5:0
Widow Holland 1:0
William Roberts 1:0
Widow Laughter of Aldington 4:6
Thos Shepherd of ye same 2:6
Edwd Darrill Ditto 2:6
Philip Rock 1:0
Thos Grove 1:0
Collection in ye Whole £3:5:6




Picture Frame
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