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Memorial (Ch.32.)

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Titular Vicars of Badsey with Aldington
Before the Dissolution of the Monasteries, Badsey, like many other parishes of the
Vale, was a Chapel of the Abbey of Evesham, and was not under the jurisdiction
of the Bishop of Worcester. The Parish Priest was appointed by the Abbey and was
known as the Chaplain. The Chapelry was impropriated by Henry the Eighth to
Christ Church, Oxford, who have continued since to be rectors & patrons of the living,
and appoint a vicar or chaplain with the status of a perpetual curate. As the parish
was a "peculiar," and the minister was not instituted by the Bishop nor inducted by
the Archdeacon until recent times, little reference is to be found to its incumbents in the
Diocesan Registry. Since 1661 the benefices of Badsey & Wickhamford have been held
In plurality.

Ministers of Badsey

1525 Thomas James
1557 Thomas Scollowe (alias Allchurch)
1559 Thomas Weston (alias Honeyman)
1566 Richard Maunder
1571 John Jones
1575 William Crump
1586 William Phillips
C1590 ? Spenser
C1598 Richard Phelps
1619 John Samon, M.A. (Also Chaplain of All Saints Evesham)
1645 Richard Cragge, B.A. (Ch:Ch)
1661 William Millington, M.A..
1677 Charles Nixon, M.A.
1705 Robert Hill, M.A.
1731 John Rawlins, M.A. (Resided in Evesham)
1785 George William Auriol Hay Drummond, M.A. (Ch:Ch) Prebendary of York (non-resident)
1807 Charles Phillott, M.A. (Ch:Ch) (non-resident)
1852 Thomas Henry Hunt, M.A. (Ch:Ch)
1887 Charles Granville Gepp, M.A. (Ch:Ch)
1897 William Henry Price, M.A.
1903 William Carmont Allsebrook, M.A. Honorary Canon of Worcester.
1945 Jeffrey Graham Jeffreys, M.A. (Ch:Ch)
1947 Wilfred Broadhurst Chapman, B.A., B.D.
1958 Peter Braby, M.A. (Ch:Ch)
1973 Adrian Scudamore Leak, M.A. (Ch:Ch)
1980 Peter Derek Mitchell
1997 Adrian Michael Hough Ph.D.
2005 Richard Leonard Court B.Th.
2016 Philip John Morton M.A.

Assistant Curates

1628 Francis Howard, B.A.
1699 John Skeate
1735 Thomas Cooke
1771 Thomas Ashfield
1775 John Southall
1781 Joshua Jennings
1782 Henry Seward, B.A. (Ch:Ch)
1784 Thomas Hayden
1785 George Kelly
1786 Joseph Parsons
1788 Daniel Jones
1808 William Dowell
1810 Robert Ffarmerie
1812 Robert Thomas St. Aubyn, M.A. (Ch:Ch)
1813 William Squire Rufford, M.A. (Ch:Ch)
1819 Cudworth Bruck, M.A.
1820 Charles Bloxham, M.A.
1839 Thomas Robert Griffith, B.A.
1845 H. H. Victor.
1848 Edmund Boggis

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