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April 3rd 1918 - Letter from Mela Brown Constable to her fiancé, Captain Cyril E Sladden

3rd April 1918
Correspondence From
Mela Brown Constable, WAAC Depot Hostel, Handsworth College, Birmingham
Correspondence To
Captain Cyril E Sladden, 9th Worcesters, 13th Division, Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force D
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Text of Letter

WAAC Depôt Hostel
Handsworth College


My own dear Cyril

No letter from you up to date this week but I must not grumble yet as this is only Wednesday!

We have had such a week of excursions and alarms! Last Wednesday evening we had an intercession service here for those on Active Service. Almost immediately it was over we had roll call and the women dispersed to bed. Soon after I was sent for, to speak to the Area Controller on the ‘phone. Her message was that I would be receiving written instructions in the morning from AG.XI, to the effect that this Hostel was to be cleared by four o’clock that afternoon, the women to be sent away on indefinite leave. You can guess there was some hopping round next day getting trains fixed up, warrants made out etc. However we had all the women packed off by lunch time except for the permanent staff.

And here we’ve remained awaiting further orders – until this morning when we received orders that the same women were to be recalled! Why we had this alarm no one knows but from your experience you can guess what lovely rumours got about! I won’t repeat them in case this letter gets intercepted!

I am going on a week’s official leave plus a weekend tomorrow. I am going to Marlow and am looking forward to a week’s complete rest. I don’t feel like writing very much today because I’ve got a splitting headache – due I think simply because I need a rest.

I’ve had many difficulties to overcome here one way and another – one of the least of them living down that demon of jealousy which seems to arise in older women if a younger one gets a higher appointment.

However it is mostly lived down now and things ought to be working very smoothly when I get back from my holiday.

The Times tells us of splendid things happening on the road to Aleppo. I wonder if you are there and what part you are taking in it all.

The Persian gun that was captured by General Maud’s troops is to be placed in Trafalgar Square I believe. The site is being chosen.

With heaps of love, dearest, God bless you.

Ever your devoted

You’ll get a nice long letter from Marlow next week.

4/4/18 – I enclose a postcard from Betty received this morning, telling of dear Aunt Lottie’s death. I am so glad she did not suffer. You’ll be very grieved dear, I know, to think you will not see her again.

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Cyril received the letter on 6th June 1918.
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Envelope containing 2 sheets of notepaper
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