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Charlotte Mary HAYWARD (née SLADDEN) (1849-1918)

Charlotte Sladden before her marriage to John Hayward.
Charlotte Sladden before her marriage to John Hayward.
Known As
Aunt Lottie; Charlotte
Biographical Details

Charlotte Mary Hayward, née Sladden (1849-1918), known as Lottie, was the younger sister of Julius Sladden.  She is mentioned in numerous letters written by members of the Sladden family, visited Badsey each year, and often had members of the family to stay at her home.

Lottie was born at Ash on 8th April 1849, the youngest of six children and only daughter of John and Elizabeth Sladden.  She was baptized on 17th May 1849 at St Nicholas Church, Ash.  Lottie was a pupil at Blue Silk School, St Peter's, Broadstairs, in 1861.

Lottie’s father died in 1870 when she was 20.  Her brothers had all left home and Lottie remained at home in Ash with her widowed mother and one servant.

On 1st February 1893, aged 43, Charlotte married widower, John Hayward, a retired Customs Clerk, who was 21 years her senior.  In 1901, they were living at 26 Radnor Park Road, Folkestone, with Charlotte's widowed mother, Elizabeth, and two servants.

John Hayward died on 27th March 1905 at Radnor Park Road leaving effects of £8,167 2s 6d.  Later that year, Lottie embarked on a voyage to New Zealand with her niece, May Sladden, to go and visit Lottie’s brother, Dilnot and family.  Sadly, as they were about to leave Australia in September 1906 to sail back to England, Dilnot collapsed and died of heart failure.

After her husband’s death, Lottie moved to Muritai, 17 Millfield, Folkestone.  She undoubtedly gave her home the name of Muritai after a place of the same name near Wellington on the North Island of New Zealand where some of Dilnot’s family lived.

Lottie died on 3rd April 1918 and was buried six days later at Ash.

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