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March 28th 1919 - Letter from Mela Brown Constable to her fiancé, Major Cyril E Sladden

28th March 1919
Correspondence From
Mela Brown Constable, Riverwoods House, Marlow-on-Thames
Correspondence To
Major Cyril E Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Riverwoods House


My dearest

I must just write you a few lines – purely business!

Mother says we could have this house for 2 guineas a week rental from the time our honeymoon is over for 2 or 3 months. Do you think you could manage this? She did not broach the subject before to you because she did not wish to start any question of business just immediately you arrived.

There would be this advantage that she would have it all nice for us when we got back (from the Isle of Wight!) and also she would let us leave if we happened to find a suitable house or flat, just when we wanted to. Personally I don’t think we could do better. The weekends here could be great – the river – long country walks – tennis and so on. We would have the little maid, who can cook, although of course I should do some of it, and we could, if necessary, have a char occasionally. The maid will have long frocks and her hair up by then! It is glorious here in the early summer and summer.

I do hope you will like this idea, but of course, don’t feel bound to fall in with it. Mother would rather let it to us at a low rental than to others (at 6 guineas) because we should look after the house. It won’t matter a bit if you refuse but I’d just love it if you can see your way to accept.

Some friends of ours have offered to give you a bed and put you up, the night before the wedding (and the best man too, or one of the other guests another night). The Father and Mother of the girl I introduced you to, this morning. So we are rapidly getting on with plans!

It is sickening that this letter will not reach you until Monday. Do write by return, if you feel you can make such a quick decision and let me know what your views are about the house.

I am writing in haste to catch the post so will write further tomorrow.

Mother is very pleased to have had you here, and she has just told me she kissed you for the table centre, with which she is delighted!

You know I long to be with you but at the same time I have a lovely comfortable feeling that I have done the right thing. It is great to have you back and find you just the same dear man o’ mine – write me ever such a lot.

All my love and a God bless you kiss – spare a little of the all for the family. I am glad for their sakes that they have got you all to themselves and I am sure they will not have grudged me the day you spent here. Perhaps you found me a little “cold” occasionally – it is simply that I am much more passionate than I used to be and also have to keep a strong hand over myself. I have developed in that way – have become a woman instead of a girl.

Dear love.

Your own

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