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December 27th 1914 - Letter from Arthur Sladden to his father, Julius Sladden

27th December 1914
Correspondence From
Arthur Sladden
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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My dear Father

I will send a letter with Mary’s. The Observer has come to hand regularly lately and I much enjoy reading it; it takes as sane a view of things I think as most papers. The official Liberal press tends to say almost nothing can possibly go wrong, while I have no admiration for Northcliffe’s methods and am afraid The Times hasn’t enhanced its reputation in this war even although it does manage to shield itself behind the Press Bureau when it makes obvious mistakes.

Christmas passed quietly here, we made up a party of ten for lunch at the hospital and stayed on there till evening so Mary got a rest from housework. It was frosty and bright on 24th and 25th but now we have heavy cold rain. The prospect of our being able to close down this hospital gets nearer but our movements are not yet known: I’m glad enough not to be under canvas just now, and gather that at other base towns the hospitals are not hard pressed with work just at present.

I was delighted to get a letter from Cyril and hear of his work and impressions. He’d have made a very keen artillery officer I should think.

You asked me in a previous letter about a Birmingham consultant for heart cases. I know of no one especially eminent but think Dr Russell is about the best consultant in Birmingham. He’s an FRCP I think, can’t give his address, but he’s on the staff of the General.

We’ve been well treated lately with letters from everyone; here there isn’t much to write about just now although I’ve plenty of time for writing.

The problem of equipment seems to be the most urgent one at home at the present moment, but with new machinery one hopes the factories are daily increasing their rate of output.

We shall like to hear of Xmas at home, we didn’t forget to drink to “absent friends”.

With love to all.

Your affectionate son

Very many thanks for the book which is very finely produced and forms interesting reading.

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