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March 14th 1917 - Letter from Bernard Sladden to his cousin, Juliet Sladden

14th March 1917
Correspondence From
Bernard Sladden, Sling Camp, Salisbury
Correspondence To
Juliet Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Wed 14/3/17


Dear Juliet


Your letter and Mary’s with the two photos enclosed came last night. Many thanks for the photos. I am posting the photo of myself to Arthur and the other I will keep in my letter wallet. I believe we are to leave here tonight and I am packing up a few of my belongings to send to Badsey including the camera. There are a few films in the camera that have been exposed and I would like you to get them developed and send some prints home for me if you will. I expect there will be a photographer at Evesham who would do them. You might like to have some of the prints yourselves. There are three taken at Compton last Sunday.


I am going to ask you to send a cable home for me on Friday if you don’t hear from me to the effect that I have not left but I think we are sure to leave tonight. I cannot send any message from here relating to our movements. Friday will do to send the cable. I have just secured a form and written the message out. The rates are 1/4d per word for deferred and 2/8d for direct. The former will do all right and the 9 words will run into 12/-. If the words “New Zealand” have to be included, it will be that much more. I am not sure whether it is necessary to put in New Zealand or not but they would tell you at the post office. I am enclosing two £1 notes to cover cost of cable, photographs and expenses if any in connection with mail. Also perhaps I may want to send over some time to ask you to send me some trifle or other. I hope I am not asking too much of you at Badsey for I know how fully your time is occupied.


With regard to the mail, it will be best just to readdress them (the letters) and not register them or put them into one envelope. I managed to get over to Compton last Saturday night and spent Sunday there. It was a miserable day and my cold was troublesome but I was glad to see Cousins Hattie, Emmie and Dick who were very pleased that I had managed to see Compton.


I am sorry to hear that Ethel has been the latest to become a victim to the prevalent cold. I don’t wonder at people having colds here. There is no sun to drive the germs away.


This is rather a hurried screed and I am afraid I have not time to write to either Uncle Julius or May. We are left tonight alright and I must get this posted, also the little bag with my belongings. I enclose the key of the bag. The ? is near the bottom of the bag wrapped up in an old satchel.


Good wishes to Uncle Julius, yourself, May, Ethel and Mela.


From your affectionate cousin

Bernard Sladden

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