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February 27th 1917 - Letter from Bernard Sladden to his uncle, Julius Sladden

27th February 1917
Correspondence From
Bernard Sladden, YMCA, Sling
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Tues 27th Feb 1917


Dear Uncle Julius


Here I am back at Sling after my all too short leave. I had a rather slow trip down to London from Evesham but eventually reached the end of my journey and found Jack and Kathleen at the station to meet me. We spent an hour or so in London visiting St Paul's and having a glance from the outside at the Tower and other points of interest in the vicinity. We went out to Sydenham after having tea in town and there Kathleen had prepared quite sumptuous meal to which I was able to do complete justice in spite of the tea we had already had. Next morning I went with Jack as far as St Paul's and from there I went along to 71 Cornhill, the Union Barrack, and spent about an hour there having a very interesting talk with the produce manager there. Also I arranged to have money remitted to home should I need it, and about which there appears to be no difficulty whatever.


At eleven o'clock I met Kathleen at Westminster Station and from there we visited the Abbey and Westminster Buildings, being fortunate in gaining admittance to the House of Lords, where a court of appeal was sitting. At 12 o’clock we met Aunt Lottie at Charing Cross Station and spent half an hour in the National Gallery before meeting Jack at a pre-arranged place for lunch. Lunch disposed of, Jack went off to his office again and we made for Temple Bar to see what there is to be seen in that quarter. We had a good look at the Temple Church, the Hall and Courts etc and from there we went to see a collection of Zeppelin relics which proved most interesting and instructive. Aunt Lottie's train left at about 4 o'clock so after partaking of afternoon tea we escorted Aunt down to the station and saw here safely through the barrier on to the platform. I think Aunt Lottie thoroughly approved of the suggestion that she should come up to London, and I think she was glad to have seen me and I was equally pleased to see her and I do not think she found her little excursion too fatiguing.


After leaving Aunt Lottie we had an hour or so to spare during which time I was able to do what little shopping I wished to do before returning to Sydenham. I was due at Waterloo Station at 9 pm so after disposing of a good meal I bid goodbye to Kathleen and Jack was good enough to accompany me to the station. The train drew out at 9.30 and by midnight I was in the hut and beneath my blankets which a kind mate had been so thoughtful to make ready for me. Thus were my four days of draft leave accounted for and as a result I feel that I am not now the stranger in a strange land that I had been hitherto. You have all been very good to me and I hope it won't be long before we have settled accounts with Trinity and perhaps I may have a chance to visit Badsey again when Cyril, George and Arthur are having their well-earned rest after the strenuous work of the last two years. What splendid news we have had from Kut and from the Western front too. In the case of the latter the success seems to have been gained without loss and we will hope that the advantage gained at Kut has not been unduly costly.


In London I bought a book each for yourself and the cousins which I would like you to have as a momentous of my first visit to Badsey. I did not know at all what class of book you would care to have so I had to be guided by Kathleen who assisted me to select them.


With best wishes to you all at Badsey.


Your affectionate nephew

Bernard Sladden

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