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February 18th 1874 - Letter from Fred Mourilyan to his sister, Eugénie Mourilyan

18th February 1874
Correspondence From
Fred Mourilyan, Galatz
Correspondence To
Eugénie Mourilyan
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18 Feby 1874

My dear Biche,

We were certainly very much astonished to hear of your approaching marriage.  I hasten to send you our hearty congratulations, as there seems to be no time to lose.  You will have left Paris before this arrives & I suppose won’t expect to see it again for about five years.  I have but a very faint notion of who our future brother-in-law is, but I remember hearing Amy speak of the youngest marrying some years ago, so I suppose he is the elder of the two.  If you can, send us a photograph of him & of yourself too before you leave.  I am afraid you will find the Bay of Biscay rather rough at this season of the year.  It is a pity you don’t leave from Marseilles.

Florence & I wish to give you a small present & as there is nothing to be bought in Galatz & it could not be sent, I shall write to Polly & ask her to get something for you. 

I don’t know what they will do without you at home.  I suppose we shall hear from someone what part of India you are going to.  I hope to a pleasant post which you won’t find too hot.

Your nephew is getting very sturdy & has a notion that he ought to have everything he wants & has a way of crying out rather loudly when not satisfied.  He is never still except when asleep & he does not sleep much now.  I don’t know whether he ever intends to get any teeth, but they don’t show yet.  Polly will be delighted about having you married from her house & I trust some combination will be found to enable Father to have some one to make his home comfortable.  We are both very sorry we shall not see you again for so long & you have our best wishes for your welfare in your new life.

Goodbye & God bless you & may you be very happy & comfortable.  We shall think of you very much on your wedding day & during your voyage which I hope you will find pleasant.

With much love from us both & hoping some day to make the acquaintance of our new brother-in-law.

Believe me

Your affte Brother

Fred Mourilyan

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The identity of Eugénie’s fiancé is not known for certain (he may have been Robert Hamilton Grant Irvine who was the brother of Eugénie’s deceased sister-in-law, Amy Mourilyan, née Irvine), but it was not Julius Sladden whom she married in December 1877.

We are grateful to Chris Higman, great-grandson of Frederick Mourilyan, for providing a transcription of this letter following a visit to the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service.
Type of Correspondence
1 sheet of notepaper - received 10th May 1874 written on letter.
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Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service
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