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Amy Lucy Hamilton MOURILYAN (née IRVINE) (1844-1872)

Amy Lucy Hamilton Mourilyan (née Irvine), photo courtesy Patricia Bennett (Amy’s great-great-niece).
Biographical Details

Amy Lucy Hamilton Irvine (1844-1872) was the sister-in-law of Eugénie Mourilyan (later Sladden), having married Eugénie’s brother, Thomas Burton Mourilyan.  Amy is mentioned in passing in a letter written by Fred Mourilyan (her brother-in-law) on 15th February 1874.

Amy was born on 31st July 1844 at Darjeeling, India, the third of five children of Robert Hamilton Irvine, a surgeon, and his wife, Anne.  Robert was a senior surgeon in the Bengal Army; several of his medical books have been reprinted and are for sale on Amazon.

The family was living back in England by 1861; at the time of the 1861 census, Amy and her younger sister, Esther, were visiting the Marriott family in Milverton, Somerset.  Their father died at Lancaster in 1863.

Amy married Thomas Burton Mourilyan at St Alphege, Greenwich, on 24th October 1868; he gave his occupation as “Gentleman”.  They had one daughter, Annie de Salis, born in Germany in 1870.  Amy died in Hamburg, Germany, in 1872, aged 27.

Thomas then went to work in Paris as Manager of Manufactories; he lived at 18 Avenue du Roi de Rome.  He died in 1879, leaving Annie as an orphan.  Amy’s sister, Esther, and mother, Anne, then became involved with the bringing up of Amy’s daughter, Annie, who was not yet two at the time of her mother’s death.

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