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July 6th 1915 - Letter from George Sladden to his father, Julius Sladden

6th July 1915
Correspondence From
George Sladden, In France
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, at Eynsford, Upperton Road, Eastbourne (readdressed from Badsey)
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In France

6 July 1915

My dear Father

I have been trusting that Kath has let you see my letter of a few days ago, otherwise you will have been waiting rather a long while for news of me. I am always catching up but never quite succeed in overhauling my correspondence. I have just finished a letter to Aunt George in reply to her periodical letter and parcel, they arrive with unfailing punctuality in the first day or two of the month. Her letters are always bright and keen. What a marvellous 84 years she is. I shall be quite unmoved and unsurprised if she tells me she has volunteered for munitions work!

Have you yet had any news of Cyril? I doubt whether they manage to run a daily mail service from and to the Mediterranean Force. I strongly believe that the Gallipoli campaign will not take a great time to finish. Turkey is not Germany. There is an enemy at the front door and another at the back. On one side dwell neighbours who are not even friendly in their neutrality; and Asiatic Turkey on the other side can only be described as a poor relation. And if munitions of war fall from the skies it is only likely to be from Allies aircraft: and that won’t help them much.

Here things are quiet though I hope we may hear a great noise before long. We have been on this ground for a month now and as the battalion went into the trenches again last night I think we may count on remaining here some time longer. I hope we shall.

Glad to hear that Arthur’s has got this new job. I expect it will solve his commission at the end of a year. He seemed doubtful whether he would not be doing more valuable work by returning to civil life when I heard from him a little while ago. Aunt George told me that Captain Grace was off to the Dardanelles in command of HMS Grafton. What class is she? I asked Aunt the same question but I shall hear from you before I do from her.

Thank May for her letter and say that I have sent myself a five-line whip demanding my attention to it.

Love to all from
Your affectionate son

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