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February 28th 1904 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his wife, Eugénie Sladden

28th February 1904
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, c/o Mrs Butler, Broadlands, Weybridge
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Feb 28/04

My dearest Wife,

I did not go to Church this evening but wrote letters to Glasgow & Folkestone and now after supper I must write to you.  

I was glad to have your letter of 24 just before starting for Pandy, where I stayed Thursday night, I was lucky to have it fine for my drive round that day for the next there was quite a fall of snow down that way, I did not get home till late Friday as I went on from Evesham to have some dinner with Mr Faulkner at Charlton prior to attending Col Long’s meeting at Fladbury, it went off very well.  I do not remember having met Mrs James Faulkner before, she seems a pleasant sort of woman, Mr Romney was staying there for the night but Col Long could not do so.

I hope Jack spent to-day with you as projected, it has been bright here but cold and dry and to-night it is freezing.

There is no contest in Evesham for the County Council, or in this the Broadway division, but Mr Ashwin will have to fight for the Bretforton seat, I fancy he will get in.

Juliet is very good and quite happy although she has occasional hankerings after Mother!  Her pussy turned up again all right, she takes great interest in the little pigs which are doing very well.

That man Porter is considerably better, I have not heard anything of old Addis for a day or two but scarcely expect he can last much longer.

One of us will write to Jack will you do so to Kathleen and Cyril, it is your week for them.  I will keep this open till to-morrow in case there are letters to forward.

Cooper has not yet begun any work I hope he will start in a day or two, the spare room is turned out all ready for the weekend.  John Mace will finish all necessary repairs to-morrow if fine, he has done your box.

Old Henry Byrd of Evesham is dead, I am glad to hear he has made some provision for those girls at Ashton, I met Sally and she told me, however the old man intimated as much to me some time ago, I think John was quite his favourite brother.  We had the flower show meeting and arranged for the next to be held July 27 I rather think the vicarage people may get up a pastoral play in conjunction, they seem very ready to help.  There is some talk of having another spring clean at the Church.  Judy is in Ethel’s room now but is to come back to me on Thursday so as to divide the time equally.

I am glad to have a good account of Fanny give her my love and say I hope she will arrange another visit this summer.

With love from us all dear and lots of kisses from Juliet

I am ever
Your loving Husband

Julius Sladden 

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