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June 2nd 1912 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his wife, Eugénie Sladden

2nd June 1912
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, Belgrave Hotel, Torquay
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Seward House

June 2/12

My dearest Wife,

I was glad to have Ethel’s long letter this morning, she really is a good girl about writing, and to hear that you were still progressing and able to do a little more each day, it was quite an advance for you to walk to the sitting room and before long we shall hope to hear of your getting outside, then we shall begin to look forward to your return home, but you must not attempt to travel till the doctor thinks it prudent.

We have had a little rain to-day but yesterday afternoon and evening there was a heavy fall again so now the return of warm sunny weather would be acceptable, I see by the papers that the Evesham district got more rainfall in May than most places and the consequence is all vegetation is thriving.

Judy is just off to bed she sends love and kisses and many thanks for your letter, in Alice’s absence she has constituted herself dairy-maid and has been lecturing Brailsford on putting the milk measure on the clean slab when she had taken the trouble to put a plate to receive it, she told him it was “just like a man”! of course he took it meekly from her and I daresay it will have a good effect, she also “went for” the Walker boy who was teasing Scot and gave him “toko” so you see she is quite well and energetic, I do not think she has coughed once to-day and I hope she may soon be able to return to school, I told Miss Lacey when the cough absolutely ceased for two or three days I thought it would be safe.

Have they a clergy list at the hotel if so look up Rev Lopes (or Lopez) of Exeter Coll Oxford and a curate in Birmingham, that is the man who has taken the manor house, it seems they have a hostel in B’ham, started by Bishop Gore, to house young men engaged there in business and this new venture is to accommodate those of them who prefer a country life (back to the land I suppose) and arrangements are to be made for their instruction in market gardening, I should not be surprised if he bought some of Mr Ashwin’s land now about to be sold.  It seems on a recent visit he saw the old Tudor house and thought it just the place for a convalescent home for Father Adderley’s institution and in a few days it was purchased and I believe a doctor and architect have already been over to arrange for its repair and adaption.  I think Father Adderley is one of these Christian Socialist people connected with Lord Norton whose family name it is, the old Lord Norton however was a conservative.

I think I must write to Sydenham now and Ethel must have my next letter.

Much love to you both

Your affectionate Husband

Julius Sladden


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