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John Montgomerie HUNT (1897-1980)

Grave of Jack Hunt in Watts Cemetery, Compton, Surrey
Grave of Jack Hunt in Watts Cemetery, Compton, Surrey.
Biographical Details

John Montgomerie Hunt (1897-1980), known as Jack, was the grandson of a former Vicar of Badsey, the Reverend Thomas Hunt.  Jack never knew his grandfather as he was born nine months after his death.  The Sladdens kept in contact with the Hunt family following Reverend Hunt’s death and, in a letter of 26th November 1915, Ethel Sladden gave news to her mother about the younger members of the Hunt family.

Jack was born at Bardsea, Lancashire, on 17th April 1897, the second of three sons of Thomas Charles Hunt (known as Charles) and his wife, Mabel Louise.

Jack’s father was a captain in the army, the King’s Own Regiment.  At the time of the 1901 census, Charles was serving away from home and Mabel was living with her three sons at Boreatton Hall, Baschurch, Somerset.  The family had let out nearby Ruyton Park which had been the home of Charles’ father, so they were staying at Boreatton which was owned by Charles’ cousin, Rowland, and had been the family home of the Hunt family since around 1700.

Jack joined the army, rising to the rank of brigadier in the Indian army, serving with the 5th/2nd Punjab Regiment.

Jack married Elizabeth Yates in 1925 and had two sons.  He died on 31st March 1980 and is buried at Watts Cemetery, Compton, Surrey.

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