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November 26th 1915 - Letter from Ethel Sladden to her mother, Eugénie Sladden

26th November 1915
Correspondence From
Ethel Sladden, at 20 Church Row, Hampstead
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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At 20 Church Row

Nov 26th/15

My dear Mother

It was very good of you to write to me for my birthday, as you had written so recently before then. Many thanks for your letter and good wishes. I got a thick scarf as a present from you all, but I have managed to change it as Mary sent me one also; I got a nightgown instead, a strictly useful present! Please thank Father for his letter received this morning, and for sending on one from Doris Idiens. She tells me that Bert has a safe job for a bit, in the Estate department of the Army Pay and Record Office; they are very glad. Daisy’s second child is a boy, he is about three months old now. I am glad you are better, but you must quite get rid of your cough. Are you taking Angiers?

Expect me home on Tuesday. I think of taking the 4 o’clock from Paddington via Stratford if it is still running, it is due at Badsey 7.14 I think. I shall send my box on by advance luggage and just bring my suitcase with me. I hope to meet Kathleen on Tuesday and lunch with her before going down. I was glad to get a further glimpse of George yesterday, but am afraid it is the last I see of him this time. I was very sorry Mr Bowden could not get off to lunch with us yesterday, he came round afterwards but George had just gone to meet Judy. It was tiresome old C.A.B.’s fault, coming that day to see him. Mrs B is apt to be tedious too much of her alone. After lunch I went and sought out St James Court and called on Miss Hunt, I was lucky finding her in. She is letting her flat from December 1st for a bit, so was getting ready for leaving. She was very pleased indeed I went round, and most anxious to hear news of various people. Her nephews are well, the second boy Jack is out in India, Roger has had promotion and is on a destroyer now. I joined Jack, Kathleen, George and Judy at tea and we had a nice chat over it. I do not think I told you I went to see Miss Pollard on Monday (I believe now I told May); she was looking so well, bye the bye; she says she is an advertisement for Angiers! She started it last winter and it has done her so much good. Everyone thinks George is looking so well, he has broadened out a great deal. I was sorry not to be at home when he was there as I should have seen much more of him. I am very glad to hear that Lily Wood is to be married soon, she will be settling quite near here I believe. I am glad Mela has had news of Cyril recently and that he had received some letters. I wonder what they will do down there this winter. I shall enjoy seeing something of Judy on Sunday; I expect she will come over in the morning. I shall be quite glad to see you all again on Tuesday. I am afraid you have had too much to do especially as you have had a cold. With much love to all.

I remain
Your affectionate daughter
Ethel N Sladden

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