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Arthur Knox LINDSELL (1851-1924)

Arthur Knox Lindsell was Master of Abbot Lichfield Lodge, Evesham, in 1910.
Biographical Details

Arthur Knox Lindsell (1851-1924) was a fellow freemason in Evesham with Julius Sladden.  The Lindsell family were friends with the Sladdens and Juliet Sladden refers to a garden party in 1914 which they hosted.

Arthur Lindsell was born on 17th June 1851 at Salford, Manchester, the third of seven children of Robert Henry Lindsell, a bank manager and retired Lieutenant Colonel in the army, and his wife, Emma Elizabeth (née Hogge).

Arthur became a bank manager and married Ethel Gwen Charlotte Mellor in 1882 in the Bedford district.  They had five sons and two daughters, all born in Biggleswade except for the youngest who was born in Bedford.  They lived at The Elms, London Road, Biggleswade.  By 1901, Arthur had been posted to Chichester, where they lived at 30 East Street.  In 1903 he became manager of the Evesham branch of the Capital and Counties Bank and they lived at 56 Bridge Street.

Arthur was a member of the Abbot Lichfield Lodge of Freemasons in Evesham and was Master in 1910, succeeded by Julius Sladden the following year.  As a banker in Evesham, he was prominent in the town and hosted a garden party in 1914 which was well attended.

The Lindsells were still living in Evesham in 1917, but at some stage returned to Bedfordshire.  Arthur died on 1st December 1924 at Bedford.  His widow, Ethel, died on 27th November 1941.

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