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Eva Margaret MONEY (1881-1962)

Biographical Details

Eva Margaret Money (1881-1962) was the first-cousin-once-removed of Mela Brown Constable (the fiancée of Cyril Sladden).

Eva Money was born at Hyde Park Square, Paddington, London, the only child of Ernle Kyrle Money, a Major-General in the Royal Horse Artillery (late Bengal) by his second wife, Martha (née Wall).  She was baptized on 5th October 1881 at St John’s Church, Paddington.

Eva never really knew her father as he died in January 1883, aged 68, when she was just 17 months old, when they were living in Bromley, Kent.

The British India Office Pension Registers reveal that, as the only dependent child (all her half-siblings being aged over 21), Eva was entitle to £33 per annum until her sixth birthday, £49 10s per annum until her 18th birthday, then £40 per annum till marriage.  Eva never married so she continued to receive a pension for the rest of her life.

Eva and her mother went to live in Folkestone.  In 1891 they lived at 66 Coolinge Road, in 1901 at 21 Connaught Road and in 1911 at 1 Kingsnorth Gardens.

Eva was in Switzerland at the time the First World War broke out.  She wrote to her cousin, Mela, telling of her adventures on the way home and about the doings of the troops and refugees at Folkestone.

At the time of the 1939 Register, Eva was living at Yeovilton Lodge, Everton, Lymington, Hampshire, with her friend, Louise Maud Allen-Duston

On 21st September 1940, Eva and Louise set sail for America, giving America as their country of intended future permanent residence.  In all likelihood they had decided to live in America for the duration of the war, to get away from the bombing; their address at the time of departure was given as 192 Kensington Park Road, London W3.  Eva and Louise, however, returned to the UK before the war ended.  They arrived at Cardiff from New York on 26th February 1943, giving the address of Eva’s cousin, Mela, and her husband, Cyril Sladden, as their proposed address in the UK.

At some point they returned to Yeovilton Lodge where Eva remained until her death on 12th June 1962 at the Royal South Hants Hospital, Southampton, aged 80.

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