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November 14th 1916 - Letter from Clara Brown Constable to her daughter, Mela Brown Constable

14th November 1916
Correspondence From
Clara Brown Constable, 67 Grande Rue, Boulogne sur Mer
Correspondence To
Mela Brown Constable, University House, Nursing Sisters Quarters, Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham
Relationship to Letter Addressee
Text of Letter

67 Grande Rue
Boulogne sur Mer

Nov 14th 1916

Mela darling

I haven’t heard how you are lately – no doubt you are kept busy and have time for much writing. Today brought me news from the young fellow named Cooke to whom I wrote in Minden Camp, Germany – London Scottish man. He asks his parents to inform me that our darling Cecil “was killed on the 1st July” and that he will send a full account of what he knows in his next letter, which may now come any day as his letter has been following me up. His pc to his parents is dated 13th October. I sent the news to Wilfred, and the letter received from his parents. No one has given us such definite news so far and it confirms our fears raised after hearing from the American Ambassador.

I never thanked you for your comforting letter then. I only wish I could feel resigned to my great sacrifice of such a dear son, but I can’t see that God wills all this murder and bloodshed, but I must try and see that it is for the chastening of my soul that I should carry still a heavier cross than I have hitherto borne in life, and try and say what my poor Mother put on my brother Robert’s tombstone, “Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in Thy sight”. Robert died when he was 16 years old, just when he was entering on life, and my poor Mother as a widow could never resign herself to his loss. She mourned him till she died.

Barbara will join me as soon as she gets through her permission to return. I hope you have good news of Cyril.

I quite meant to write to Mary S when Eva posted the little socks for me but I hadn’t time.

May God help us to bear this cross.

Much love from
Your poor Mother

Letter Images
Type of Correspondence
1 double sheet of notepaper
Location of Document
Imperial War Museum
Record Office Reference
60/98/3 - in envelope entitled "Documents regarding Cecil Brown Constable"