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Hubert Lionel MOURILYAN (1875-1900)

Biographical Details

Hubert Lionel Mourilyan (1875-1900) was the nephew of Eugénie Sladden (née Mourilyan) and the cousin of Jack, May, Kathleen, Ethel, Arthur, George, Cyril and Juliet Sladden.

Hubert was born on 28th November 1875 at Galatz, Romania, the second of six children of Frederick James Mourilyan and his wife, Caroline Florence (née Gardiner).  He was baptised at Galatz on 29th March 1876.

After graduating from Sandhurst, Hubert entered the West Yorkshire Regiment in March 1895, and was transferred to the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in August 1898, having previously accepted employment with the West African Regiment, with which he served up to the end of 1899.

Lieutenant Mourilyan was in the Ashanti Expedition of 1895-96, and was awarded the star. He also served in the operations in Sierra Leone, 1898-99, in the Karene Expedition, and also in the Protectorate Expedition as orderly officer. He was a fellow of the Royal Colonial Institute, and his name is inscribed on a memorial tablet in the hall of that building in Northumberland Avenue, London.

Lieutenant Mourilyan was killed in action at Pieters Hill, Natal, South Africa, on 27th February 1900, aged 24.  He was mentioned in despatches the following year.

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