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January 23rd 1896 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his daughter, Kathleen Sladden

23rd January 1896
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Kathleen Sladden
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Badsey, Evesham

Jan 23rd 1896

My Dear Kathleen,

As Mother will write to May, I will enclose you a few lines, but as there is so little news, I can only treat you to a small sheet of notepaper. Ethel has just come in rather late from her shorthand class. She got Miss Macdonald to accompany her. She says the instructor was in a good temper! 

I suppose being near Windsor you must have heard of the death of Prince Henry of Battenburg at sea from the fever, contracted in Ashanti by the way. The king of Ashanti has “caved in” so I suppose there will be no fighting.  I hope Hubert will come back safe and well on the return of the troops. 
Mrs Myatt writes that she is very pleased about Arthur. She adds “I hope I may soon have George as I like boys who get on.”  I hope she won’t be disappointed when she does get him! I hear he began pretty well today but was not brilliant at sums. Arthur is evidently going in for football as he has sent a postcard for his white flannel knickers. 

We discovered that missing game-dorking hen dead in the hedge by Bells. I expect a dog worried it. Tom Crane has eaten it! We think you have both done well in your examination papers and sixth place in form is capital, mind your thermometers go up still higher this term.

I signed a petition today in Evesham requesting the Prime Minister to refrain from using Church Preferment to those who advocate masses, invocations to the Saints and Virgin Mary, auricular confession and prayers for the dead. I should be sorry to see the Church of England narrowed down to a mere sect but really one must “draw the line” somewhere.

With much love to you both. I remain your affectionate Father,

Julius Sladden

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1 double sheet of notepaper
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Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service
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