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Susannah MOURILYAN (née NOAKES) (1787-1881)

Biographical Details

Susannah Mourilyan, née Noakes (1787-1881), was the grandmother of Eugénie Sladden (née Mourilyan).

Susannah Noakes was born at Great Mongeham, Kent, in 1787, the youngest of four children of Joseph Noakes and his wife, Elizabeth (née Paramour).  She was bpatised at St Martin’s, Great Mongeham, on 4th March 1787.

On 16th June 1807, Susannah married John Mourilyan, a solicitor.  They had two sons and one daughter:  John (1808-1900), Ann (1809-1825) and Joseph Noakes (1811-1867). John was born at Wootton, Ann at Ripple and Joseph at Eythorne.

Susannah’s husband, John, died at Eythorne in 1811, aged only 27, and was buried at Great Mongeham.

Susannah was living at Strand Street, Sandwich, with her recently widowed son, Joseph, in 1861.  Following Joseph’s death in 1867, she went to live with her niece, Susanna Coleman (spinster daughter of her sister, Elizabeth), at Ash.

Susannah Mourilyan died at Ash on 30th May 1881 having survived her husband by 60 years.  She was buried on 3rd June 1881 at St Martin, Great Mongeham, the parish of her birth. Probate of her will was eventually granted in 1900 to Susanna Coleman.

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