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Marianne MOURILYAN (née LAING) (1808-1876)

Known As
Aunt Marion; Aunt Marianne
Biographical Details

Marianne Mourilyan, née Laing (1808-1876) was the aunt by marriage of Eugénie Sladden (née Mourilyan).

Marianne Laing was born at Camberwell, Surrey, on 8th November 1808, the daughter of John Laing and his wife, Marianne (née Hurst).  She was baptized on 8th December 1808 at Walworth Locks Fields Chapel, York Street, Southwark, Surrey.

At the time of the 1861 census, 51-year-old Marianne was living at Avenue Terrace, Chelsea, with her parents.  Three years later she married widower, Joseph Noakes Mourilyan, a solicitor, on 27th May 1864 at All Saints, Belvedere, Kent.  Joseph’s first wife, Mary, had died in 1861.

Marianne and Joseph had three and a half years of marriage together in Sandwich, Kent, before Joseph died on 13th December 1867.

After his death, Marianne remained in Sandwich for a few years, but then it is thought that she split her time between her niece by marriage, Mary Anna Robinson (née Mourilyan) in Richmond, and her brother-in-law, John, and his family in Paris.

Marianne died at Avenue Wagram, Paris, on 31st August 1876.  She was cared for in her last days by her niece by marriage, Eugénie.  Marianne was buried at Auteuil Cemetery, Paris in plot 7/8/3, a plot in which her brother-in-law, John Mourilyan, was later buried, as were her nephew by marriage, Joseph Mourilyan, and his wife, Fannie.

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