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Joseph John GILLIO (c1873-1943)

Biographical Details

Joseph John Gillio (c1873-1943), known as Joe, an Italian by birth, was the husband of Eugénie Sladden’s niece, Anna, and son-in-law of her sister, Mary Anna Robinson.

Joe was born about 1873, the son of Barthelemy Gillio.  He married Anna Magdalene Robinson on 3rd April 1907 at St Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey.  In December 1907, a son, Frederick Joseph, was born, but he died a few months later in 1908.  A second son, Francis Dalgarno Gillio, was born in 1911.  Joe appears to have been largely absent from the lives of his wife and son.  He was a mining engineer and worked most of the time overseas, primarily in Africa.

On the outbreak of war Joe was working in the Belgian Congo.  In a letter of 28th February 1915, Mary Anna Robinson reveals that her daughter was unable to receive any of Joe’s salary as the Belgian Government was unable to pay it at that time.

Shipping records for August 1922 reveal that Joe left Nigeria to return to UK, his address being given as The Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, 225 City Road, London.

Joe died on 5th May 1943 in Uganda, a year after his wife.  He was then working on the Katalemwa Estate, Kampala.  He left effects of £685 8s 4d in England.

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