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June 11th 1908 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her daughter, Ethel Sladden

11th June 1908
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, Shelley Lodge, Radnor Park, Folkestone
Correspondence To
Ethel Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Shelley Lodge
Radnor Park

11th June 1908

My dear Ethel,

I was very pleased to get Father’s & Juliet’s letters today & have news of you all & will now write you a few lines enclosing the notice of withdrawal, which I have signed.  You will find my Post office book in my locked up drawer upstairs & can then get the money out, thank you for lending it to me.

Aunt Fanny left yesterday afternoon, May is to be married in November & Winny very likely the following January though that is not quite settled yet & they have not found a house.  Anna has a Miss Stratton from Malvern coming to stay when I go, & Connie Hodson before long; she is going up to Richmond on the 20th or 22nd to bring Mary down here.

Aunt Lottie has been having tea with me while Anna had gone to one of her many friends so Norah is to go to Switzerland with her, it will do her a lot of good & I hope she will enjoy it; they will start I think on the 23rd & Anna has promised to see them off by the midday boat.  I hope Jack enjoyed his little stay & was the better for it, I thought perhaps he might go for a drive with the Delph House people on Tuesday, so the Jacksons did not turn up after all.  I hope poor little Judy did not hurt her finger badly & that it is better.  

Aunt George, Constance Day & the Peirces lunched here yesterday & came back to tea after a drive to Saltwood gardens & Anna also had a Mr & Mrs Aldridge in to dinner.  Poor Anna tries to keep cheerful,  but is very restless; she has had no cablegram from her Husband & hopes for one any day, & of course it is very trying to keep on waiting.  I do hope she may be able to go to him before long.

Poor Miss Johnson died of blood poisoning from an insect bite; Anna had been a bit afraid of foul play, as she was with a person who was somewhat mad, but it was not so, & they have now had full particulars. 

I expect we shall go out again soon, so I will close.

Give my love to Father & thank him for his letter, & kiss Juliet for me.

My love to all the visitors & with much love to yourself dear

I am
Your loving mother 

Eugénie N Sladden

We go to Deal tomorrow.

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