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Kent - Folkestone: Carlisle House, Cheriton Place

Carlisle House, 8 Cheriton Place was not far from the sea-front, running at right-angles from The Leas.

From the beginning of May 1914, Anna Magdalene Gillio (née Robinson), who was the niece of Eugénie Sladden, took rooms in Carlisle House with her young son when she came back from France.  At the time of the 1911 census she had been living at 105 Cheriton Road, Folkestone.

Anna’s mother, Polly Robinson, went to stay for about a month in May and described it as “very comfortable and central”.  She went to stay again later in the year.  Her niece, Ethel Sladden, went to visit when Ethel was staying with her paternal aunt, Charlotte Hayward, at Millfield, a five-minute walk away.

Letters mentioning this place: