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May 7th 1914 - Letter from Polly Robinson to her sister, Eugénie Sladden

7th May 1914
Correspondence From
Polly Robinson, Carlisle House, 8 Cheriton Place, Folkestone
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, no address given but assumed to be at Seward House, Badsey
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Carlisle House, 8 Cheriton Place, Folkestone

7th May 1914

My dear Eugénie

Thank you for both your letters and for the photograph of Arthur and his bride, they both look so happy, and I am so glad you were well and able to enjoy the wedding so much. Anna and Dalgarno came back from France a short time ago and she took rooms in this house which is very comfortable and central, last Friday they came to us till Monday and I returned with them here for about a month, I have had another lump forming in my neck very near where I had one 3 years ago so I thought I should like Anna’s Doctor to see to it for me, and she wrote to him and found out that he would be at home and would come and see me on Tuesday and he did and as it was quite ready for lancing he did it at once and comes every day to dress it, and after that he will come every other day, until he can say goodbye to me so I expect to be here a fortnight. The Doctor says this abscess is not so deep seated as the other was for that was behind the thyroid bone and it may have been caused by a prick of my brooch which I have a vague recollection of having given it, I must be more careful in future, he says I look very well. I heard from Gus’ wife the day I left home, and he seems a trifle better, the “Brand’s” essence I have sent seems to have been good for him so I will try and send some often. His Doctor approves of it, but he really wants his teeth seen to, I must see what can be done in that direction, although I can’t afford much just now. Joe is going to see him as Fred can’t at present and then he will see the Doctor – we shall hear what is really the matter with him, Joe could not afford the journey so Fred, Fanny and I are seeing to that between us, he and his wife have not yet got that money from America. I hope it will come before long. I am very much afraid that I shall not see Charlotte before I go home but I am very glad she is having such a beautiful trip. Dalgarno is as charming as every and told me he had come to play with me. I must write to Sister Fanny, when she last wrote she said Lillie had let her house for 16 weeks so Fanny has taken in her two children, two Nurses; Monica was wrapped in a blanket and moved in a motor car, and at first seemed quite all right but had not been quite so well since she could not stand yet, I must write to Fanny soon. Anna has let her house here again to the same people and this morning Mr Daniel let me go over it, I like it very much, the sea views from several windows are beautiful and the back looks on a pretty garden, Edwin and Lance came to say goodbye to us on Monday morning. Henriette went to stay with Fanny and Charlie the day we left, she should be going into a family as Governess on Saturday. Anna joins me in love to you all. Harry’s Scouts are giving an entertainment today.

Your loving sister
Mary Anna Robinson

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1 double sheet of notepaper
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