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The company was formed in 1972 by Deryck Angus Hartwell and Charles Spiers but now solely run by the Hartwell family.

Thank you for the replies Peter. I will research the one I have and see if I can find out whether he stayed or was passing through.


Clive Payne - 4th November 2015 - 15:58

I came for one of my frequent Badsey 'fixes' yesterday. While walking around the church and looking at my ancestors' graves, I noticed that a third memorial stone had been added to the memorials for Walter and Frances Stewart.
To put you in the picture, I'm the great grandson of William Henry Stewart and Charlotte Stewart who are both buried at the church, where the headstone has been laid flat as it is broken.
Nearby, Walter Stewart (one of my dad's uncles) and his wife, Frances are interred.
The third stone, which has only been laid in recent weeks is in memory of James William Stewart 1917-1993 so he has clearly been deceased for 22 years.
I would like who he was. Was he a son of theirs and how come the stone has only been laid recently? Someone has clearly had it done so this suggests that there is a relative living somewhere. Does this mean that I have a very distant cousin that I didn't know existed?

To provide some clarity, my dad was Kenneth William Payne, who was one of four children of John Payne (of Birmingham) and Emily Payne (nee Stewart) of Aldington. Emily was therefore my grandmother and pre-deceased me and she was one of seven children of William and Charlotte Stewart of Aldington.
I'd also love to know how she met John Payne as he was from Birmingham. She moved away when she married him. They had four children one of whom was my dad.

Sadly everyone has died now and I don't have anyone to ask so any help with plugging the gap in my knowledge would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.

Best wishes.

Clive Payne

James William Stewart was the son of Walter & Frances. His ashes were deposit between his parents stones when he died. This extra stone has only recently been put there obviously by one of his sons, or grandsons. There were three sons, Graham McBride Stewart, Malcolm James Stewart (1940-2008), and John. Between them they had seven children. So there are lots of family members who may have been responsible.
Peter Stewart

Hello again Peter. Good to hear from you and thank you for your message. I had a feeling that you'd be the person who would come up with the missing information.

Therefore James Stewart would have been one of my late father's cousins then, with the seven children being second cousins to my father etc. The family members will be distant cousins to me then.

If anyone from the Stewart family would like to make contact with me, my e-mail address is

Thanks for your help Peter.

Clive Payne
(grandson of Emily Payne (nee Stewart)

Peter Howell - 25th May 2015 - 19:02

I note that 10 Badsey Fields Lane is for sale. Back in mid to late 1950s my parents Ted and Joan Howell and myself, Peter, lived opposite in 'Southwold' number 9. I used to play with the Tucker children from 10. Steven (?) and Rosemary. I remember there was a concrete air raid shelter in their garden we used to play in. I think we came when I was about 3, and left when I was about 10.
Dad worked for Espleys in Evesham and bought the land as a building plot and had the house built.
He is still alive and lives in Welford on Avon. I can ask him if you have any questions for him.

Are the Tuckers still in the village?
What of the air raid shelter?

Best regards
Peter Howell

Jeanette Stacey - 11th November 2014 - 22:35

My father, Donald George Hartwell, sadly passed away on October 23rd. He was born in Badsey on 14th March 1932, his father was George Baden Powell Hartwell and his mother was Hilda May Hartwell. Dad's sister Mavis Tucker died some years earlier.
He remained throughout his life interested in the goings on in Badsey and was a frequent visitor to your website.


Very sorry to hear about Uncle Don. I am Mavis and George's daughter. I have recently started looking into my family tree and stumbled across your entry on the Badsey Society website. I think Dad lost contact with Uncle Don many years ago, but he talked about him sometimes. I keep in touch with family on my dads side of the family, but you are the first person I've come across on my mum's side. I guess that makes us cousins! X

Hi Catherine & Jeanette,

Also very sorry to hear that Don has passed away, he was my first cousin on my father's side.

Catherine you must be my 1st cousin once removed, please get in touch if I can help with the Family History.

Hi Catherine

I met you once just after you were born. I would love to get back in touch with the family. I remember Rosemarie's wedding but I wasn't very old at the time. I saw your father's obituary in the paper some time after the event but dad had lost all contact. I have a lot of family history and some photos that may be of interest.

I hope to hear from you

Jeanette x