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Electoral rolls - Badsey, 1924

Notes on the 1924 Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll is currently sorted by electoral number (which is largely alphabetical); to sort on Name or Address, simply click on the column heading. To find out further details about the nature of the electoral qualification, click on the number. Those who owned land in the village but did not live there were entitled to vote in the local government elections but not the parliamentary elections (though they would, of course, be registered in their home area). With regard to local government elections, both husband and wife were qualified in respect of the same property.

Who could vote in parliamentary elections

All males aged 21 years and over; female householders, or wives of householders or graduates, over the age of 30.

Who couldn’t vote in parliamentary elections

Women over 30 who did not meet the property qualification; women under 30; men under 21; aliens; peers; lunatics.

Number Name Address of Voter
430 GROVE, Samuel Summerfield
431 HAINES, George Bretforton
432 HAINES, William Albert Bretforton Road
433 HALFORD, Charles William Wickhamford, Evesham
434 HALL, Agnes Clara 2 Sharp's Row
435 HALL, Arthur Richard Oakleigh
436 HALL, Edward Charles Willersey Road
437 HALL, Eliza Auburn Villa
438 HALL, Ernest Bretforton
439 HALL, George Bretforton
440 HALL, Laura Willersey Road
441 HALL, Lydia Ellen 1 Belmont Terrace
442 HALL, Percy John Homeleigh
443 HAMPTON, Henry William Brewer's Road
444 HANCOCK, Emma 1 Bower's Hill
445 HANCOCK, George Thomas 1 Bower's Hill
446 HANCOCK, Joseph Victor 1 Bower's Hill
447 HANCOCK, Richard Stephen 1 Bower's Hill
448 HANDS, Kate The Vicarage
449 HARDIMAN, Elizabeth Mill Lane
450 HARDIMAN, Elsie 1 Orchard View
451 HARDIMAN, Richard Hut, Willersey Road
452 HARDIMAN, Thomas William 1 Orchard View
453 HARRIS, David John 9 Belmont Terrace
454 HARRIS, Emily Annie 4 Belmont Terrace
455 HARRIS, Ernest Henry 4 Belmont Terrace
456 HARRIS, John Thomas 13 Cotswold View
457 HARRIS, Martha 9 Belmont Terrace
458 HARRIS, Richard Bretforton
459 HARTWELL, Ann Badsey Fields Road
460 HARTWELL, Cecil Daniel School Road
461 HARTWELL, Elgar Thomas High Street
462 HARTWELL, Elizabeth 9 Cotswold View
463 HARTWELL, Esther Elizabeth Mill Cottages
464 HARTWELL, George Chapel Street
465 HARTWELL, George Baden Powell 9 Cotswold View
466 HARTWELL, Ivy Violet Marion School Road
467 HARTWELL, James Badsey Fields Road
468 HARTWELL, John Brewer's Road
469 HARTWELL, Joseph 4 Sharp's Row
470 HARTWELL, Maria 12 Belmont Terrace
471 HARTWELL, Richard Sand Lane
472 HARTWELL, Thomas William Mill Cottages
473 HARTWELL, William 12 Belmont Terrace
474 HARTWELL, William 9 Cotswold View
475 HARWOOD, Albert Edmund Bretforton Road
476 HARWOOD, Clara Jane Badsey Fields Road
477 HARWOOD, Walter Badsey Fields Road
478 HATCH, Bertie Seymour 18 Synehurst
479 HATCH, Frederick William 18 Synehurst
480 HATCH, Harriet Mildred 18 Synehurst
481 HATCH, William Cecil 18 Synehurst
482 HATCHER, Agnes Bretforton Road
483 HATCHER, Bertram Alexander Bretforton Road
484 HATCHER, Bertram Herbert Bretforton Road
485 HATCHER, Oliver Douro Bretforton Road
486 HEATH, Allen Bretforton Road
487 HEATH, Harriett Bretforton Road
488 HERBERT, Charles Bretforton
489 HERBERT, Frank 6 Cotswold View
490 HERBERT, James Sand Lane
491 HERBERT, Jessie 6 Cotswold View
492 HERBERT, John Ernest Bretforton
493 HERITAGE, Mary Wickhamford, Evesham
494 HERITAGE, Percy Cyril Wickhamford, Evesham
495 HERITAGE, William John 1 Sharp's Row
496 HICKMAN, Arthur Chadbury, Evesham
497 HILL, Mary Jane Brewer's Road
498 HOLDING, James Briarlea, Aldington
499 HOLDING, John Dickinson Briarlea, Aldington
500 HOPKINS, Charles 12 Synehurst
501 HOPKINS, Francis Edward 12 Synehurst
502 HOPKINS, Harriet 12 Synehurst
503 HUBBARD, Julia 6 Claybrook Villas
504 HUBBARD, Richard David 6 Claybrook Villas
505 HUBBARD, Victor Claude 6 Claybrook Villas
506 HUGHES, Albert Brewer's Road
507 HUTCHINGS, Richard William Wickhamford
508 HUTCHINGS, Sarah Jane Chapel Street
509 HUXLEY, Ellen Lizzie Bowers Hill
510 HUXLEY, Richard Hardiman 10 Bowers Hill
511 INGRAM, Hugh Fuller The Bungalow
512 INGRAM, Margaret The Bungalow
513 JAMES, Tom Old Road
514 JAMES, William George David Bowers Hill
515 JEFFERIES, Cecil 7 Cotswold View
516 JELFS, Albert 7 Bower's Hill
517 JELFS, Alfred 7 Bower's Hill
518 JELFS, Aubrey Bretforton
519 JELFS, Bert Sand Lane
520 JELFS, Caroline 7 Bower's Hill
521 JELFS, Edmund Joseph The Alley, High Street
522 JELFS, Elsie Annie 4 Bowers Hill
523 JELFS, Eric John The Alley, High Street
524 JELFS, Ernest Frederick The Leys
525 JELFS, Fanny Caroline The Alley, High Street
526 JELFS, Frank 4 Bower's Hill
527 JELFS, Frederick 7 Bower's Hill
528 JELFS, Frederick Brewer's Road
529 JELFS, George Brewer's Road