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September 23rd 1915 - Letter from Mela Brown Constable to her fiancé, Lieutenant Cyril E Sladden

23rd September 1915
Correspondence From
Mela Brown Constable, Sisters' Quarters, University House, Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham
Correspondence To
Lieutenant Cyril E Sladden, 9th Worcesters, 39th Brigade, 13th Division, c/o Cox & Co Agents, British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, Alexandria (redirected but unclear where to)
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Text of Letter

Sisters’ Quarters, University House

Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham


Sept 23rd 1915


My own dear Cyril


I wonder how long it will be before you are able to get another letter through to me.


I am longing to know where you have been sent – whether you are on the Peninsula or at Lemnos or Alexandria.


The Australians we have had in lately think that the fighting in France will be over before we are through the Dardanelles, they consider the latter will be a long drawn out job. A number of them have been in hospital at Malta and know the Blue Sisters’ Hospital by sight. They were curious to know how I knew the name, and I tried to look casual and said – “Oh a friend of mine was there for a bit” – but I don’t think I managed to deceive them!


An aviator was brought in just now, he had been flying and came down at Kingsheath. He had an accident but I’ve not heard if his injuries are serious but I know he was operated on at once.


I had a pc from Bar saying that on Monday evening she and Mother went to see Cecil off with his friend Mr Wood, and to their amazement and joy they were told no boat train was running that evening so they and Mr Wood and his friends all went to a révue together. It must have been fun.


This morning before going to bed I went for a bus ride with Nurse Shepard to the Lickey Hills, walked from there to Rubery about ½ a mile down a very pretty lane and returned by bus from there. The country is looking very lovely in its autumnal dress. It made me long for peace time to come round so that we could be together to enjoy it.


Poor Nurse Shepard has not slept at all since she came on night duty, 3 days now. This has made her so ill that Matron has had to take her off night work and she is at present in the Sick Room. That leaves me the only Nurse on nights, the rest are all Sisters, which is not very exciting for me.


I am beginning to sleep quite well in the day. I think I got about 7 hours today which is quite good.


I find my library subscription a great boon and have read two books in 3 nights so you can see from that that work is not strenuous all night long!


Although there is not much news to give you I am writing frequently while I have the time and opportunity.


I heard from your Mother yesterday. She is worrying about your having left hospital so soon. Write as cheerily as you can to her, you know that sometimes she is inclined to look on the black side of things, and now that you have been wounded once, she is nervous that you may come to harm again.


When writing to me just write as you feel – you know I am of a hopeful turn of mind so if you feel down on your luck always talk in your letters to me about it, but in your news to your Mother cheer her up as much as possible.


God bless you and guard you, dear Love.


May He soon bring us together – ‘tis weary writing when I want you so much.


All my love, Sweetheart.



Your ever devoted


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Envelope containing 2 sheets of notepaper
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