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April 3rd 1917 - Letter from Clara Brown Constable to unknown person

3rd April 1917
Correspondence From
Clara Brown Constable, 18 Torrington Square, London WC1
Text of Letter

18 Torrington Square, London WC1

April 3rd 1917


After many enquiries for the original will of my son, I find that the letter I showed you last Friday the 30th March when I called on you refers to my son’s will left in the possession of the Pay Master (London Scottish, I presume) for the will that was left in possession of my brother-in-law and the late Mr Harry Brown Constable of Tunbridge Wells, is worded as follows, as far as I gathered from my second son, Lt W H B C who sailed for India yesterday.  He told me he saw the will that is in possession of his Uncle or his executors and it said, “My will is the same as that entered in my pay book” (which was given over to the Pay Master on his becoming an officer, I presume) and that is “That I leave all to my Mother”.

Messrs Brydges & Mellersh are looking to you for the original.  Have you been able to find it?

I am Sir

Yours truly

C Brown Constable

Mother of Lt J C B C, 1st London Scottish, killed on 1st July 1916.

Please expedite matters and oblige.

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Type of Correspondence
Letter on double sheet of notepaper, edged in black on first page
Location of Document
The National Archives