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June 14th 1877 - Letter from Eugénie Mourilyan to her fiancé, Julius Sladden

14th June 1877
Correspondence From
Eugénie Mourilyan, 188 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
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188 Boulevard Haussmann

14th June 1877

My dearest Julius,

Your letter made me very happy this morning, as indeed they always do. I was glad to read your enquiries after an hôtel as it seems to bring your visit really near at hand. I have consulted with Joe on the subject, & we both think that the Hôtel d’Albe is likely to be the best near here, it is not more than five minutes’ walk in the Champs Elysées, it is very much frequented by Americans & English, so you are sure to find someone to understand you. I will see about the photographer some time next week, I have not yet made up my mind where to go. I went this morning to the Salon to see the pictures, my first visit there & I can’t say I was much edified, there are far more bad ones than good, M.elle Portelette with whom I went, had seen them several times before, so could point out those worth looking at, but they were not numerous; I was struck with a picture of a gleaner, it is a good natural portrait of a fine country girl; also a picture  of the Virgin with a penitent woman kneeling at her feet, the faces in the last are really very beautiful. The prize painting, the death of General Marceau is very fine but scarcely a pleasing subject there with several small pictures were what struck me most at least pleasingly for I was very much struck with the ugliness of many other portraits of ugly people, badly done, bad landscapes in fact all kind of horrors. Monsieur Etienes [?] portrait is also very good.

It has been cooler today, I am thankful to say, even Papa who rarely complains of the heat, found the last few days too much for him. It has been raining all the afternoon, but the sunset was lovely, I wish you had been by my side to watch it with me, I am exceedingly fond of a beautiful sunset and beautiful clouds, the former are often very good here especially in the autumn.

I had a nice long letter from Polly this morning, they return to Richmond on Saturday & I am glad to say Anna seems to have benefited from the change.

I lunched at the Irvines yesterday. I had a pleasant afternoon there, both Mrs Irvine & Essie were very kind, & nice & I was pleased, as I had fancied lately that they were rather cool with me, they have been very kind friends to me & I should be sorry if they altered especially as there is no reason for it. Mrs Parmely is in London with some cousins of theirs, I am glad as the change will do her good; she has taken Baby with her & the two elder ones are at home with Dr Parmely, he called in a few evenings since to have a smoke & a chat with Papa.

Now my darling I must say good night with best love, believe me
Your own affectionate
Eugénie Narcisse Mourilyan


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With grateful thanks to Ruth Burn (great-granddaughter of Eugénie Mourilyan) for transcribing this letter.
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Envelope containing 1 double sheet of notepaper
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Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service
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