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June 28th 1877 - Letter from Eugénie Mourilyan to her fiancé, Julius Sladden

28th June 1877
Correspondence From
Eugénie Mourilyan, 188 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
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188 Boulevard Haussmann,

28th June 1877

My darling Julius,

Thank you so much for your dear letter. I received it this morning while still in my own room, so was able to enjoy it quietly. I am glad you had such a pleasant journey, my thoughts followed you on your way. & I longed for the time when I knew I should receive your letter.

I found Joe directly I had left you, he was sorry not to be in time to say goodbye, but had a slow old cab-horse who made him late. When I got home that evening I wished it had been bed-time, that I might get to sleep & forget that I had said goodbye to you, my darling. However, as there were some hours to be got rid of, I accompanied Gus & Joe in some songs played a little myself, then had a game of cards with Papa, & after prayers began, reading “Eugénie”. I have finished it since, & was pleased with it altogether but as you say it is too sad, & also, the scene should have been laid in England, not in France, as it is not a correct description of French “mœurs”, no French girl, well brought up, would have been allowed the free intercourse with Max, that Eugénie had. On Tuesday I was glad to be very busy, & not finding my morning’s work sufficient, I set to work after lunch & cleaned the drawing room with Marie. I generally find the best correction to anything like low spirits, & I can’t say that I felt very cheerful, when I thought how many weeks or months it could be before we meet again.

I had a nice letter from Charlotte yesterday from Eynsford & the day before one from a friend, Mary Lambert, congratulating me on my engagement & announcing her own, which latter fact however, she is keeping quiet for the present. It was not necessary to write with Polly’s parcel as it was merely a commission which she asked to send by you.

I dined with Martha yesterday. She had a few friends in the evening, about half a dozen, & as several were musical we had a pleasant evening; I quite took the heart of an old gentleman there, Mr Chiseney[?] by my playing; it was quite amusing to hear his approving remarks all the time. I have hung up the roses in my room under a photograph of the ‘Black Brunswicker’, & they look very nice, I like to look at them there.  I have worn your brooch every day since you left, it is a pleasure for me to put it on & to look at the lock of hair at the back.

I gave Marie two francs from you, she was much obliged for your remembering her. I have read the chapter on ‘the Companionship of Marriage’, & like it very much; God grant that I may be as good a wife to you as those mentioned in that.

Oh! my love, you cannot know how happy you made me during your visit here, perhaps all the more happy that it was too short for any awkward circumstances to mar the inward bliss. God bless you, my darling Julius & ever believe in the love

Your own affectionate

Eugénie Narcisse Mourilyan

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