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Augustus Giraud MOURILYAN (1848-?)

Known As
Biographical Details

Augustus Giraud Mourilyan (1848-?), known as Gus, was the brother of Eugénie Sladden (née Mourilyan) who was married to Julius Sladden.  As Eugénie and Julius were second cousins, Gus was also related to Julius, being his second cousin.

Gus was born at Sandwich, Kent, on 23rd January 1848, the fifth of eight children of John Mourilyan, a solicitor, by his second wife, Mary Anna Wood.  He was baptized at St Clement’s, Sandwich, on 27th February 1848.  When Gus was about five years old, the family moved to Paris.

Little is known about Gus, other than the fact that his job seemed to take him to America, Egypt, Algeria and France, from where the letters are written.  A letter of 1894 from Fred Mourilyan said that Gus had gone to Alexandria.  A letter of July 1897 indicated that he was still in Alexandria and quite ill.  There were frequent complaints from his siblings about him not keeping in touch.  By 1914 it seems that he was back in France but not in good health.

At some stage, Gus married but his wife’s name is never given in the letters; she is always referred to as “Gus’ wife”.  It seems that they married in 1879 in Paris.  Marriage banns on Ancestry reveal that someone with the surname Mourilyan (no forename given), whose parents were John and Mary Anna (née Wood), was to be joined in matrimony with Françoise Muller.

It is not known when Gus died but it was after March 1916.

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