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May 23rd 1900 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her daughter, Ethel Sladden

23rd May 1900
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Ethel Sladden, St Margaret's House, Clewer, Windsor
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Seward House

23rd May 1900

My dear Ethel,

I am glad you had such a jolly day on Saturday for the relief of Mafeking, it was nice for you all to see the Queen so well.  She is not likely to stay very long at Balmoral this time, about a month I expect, the autumn is the time when she pays her long visit there.

It has been rather stormy here today, I hope you will have it fine for the picnic tomorrow & enjoy yourselves very much.

May’s pupils are to have a holiday for Ascension Day & the Queen’s birthday.

Mrs Wood has gone away again for several weeks with Mr Wood, & Mrs Smith & Eric are staying here to keep the girls company.

Last Sunday being Baby’s half birthday, I thought I would take her to the children’s service; I sat close to the door in case she fidgeted or talked too much & had to be taken out, but she was really very good; she asked May afterwards “who played piano?” in church & she also tells me “Man said Our Father”.  

Mr Gepp is really coming for the Flower Show & will stay with us, it will be nice to see him again.  

We have quite a young man here today to take the Ascension services, May & I went this evening & there were only ten in church besides the clergyman, & I am afraid there are not likely to be many tomorrow morning, I expect Mr Price will be back for Whitsuntide.  

Mrs Keen has cut out some of the surplices & brought me mine, but I have not begun it yet. 

We hear that Aunt George, Constance Day & Anna Robinson are going up to Scotland next month, Anna is at Rosway now.  

We have no news of Fanny Walton yet.

There were four christenings last Sunday, Mrs Perkins’ baby, Mrs Gus Dore’s, Mrs George Knight & Mrs Valentine Knight’s.   I did not stay as I thought Baby might begin to fidget.  

We had a letter forwarded from Uncle Dilnot today, Lewis & his fiancée were staying with them for a week, they seem very pleased with the latter.

How is the music getting on? & when will the terrible exam be?

Give my love to Kath & tell her I hope she won’t over work & knock herself up before the exams begin.

How is Mary Knipe?

The sale of work for the G.F.S. girls is today fortnight.

With much love, dear

I am
your loving mother

Eugénie N Sladden

Father is horrified to find I have mentioned two things that he also did!!!

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