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June 3rd 1912 - Letter from Eugénie Sladden to her daughter, May Sladden

3rd June 1912
Correspondence From
Eugénie Sladden, Belgrave Hotel, Torquay
Correspondence To
May Sladden
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Belgrave Hotel

3rd June 1912

My dear May,

It is quite your turn for a letter & I will try & write one before post-time. I am sitting in the nice large sitting room this afternoon & quite enjoy looking at the view.  It is nice & sunny after the rain yesterday & last night & the sea is a little rough & nice & full & has most lovely greens & blue shades.  There are several ships in, a cruiser & some mine-destroyers & they all look so nice with their flags up in honour of the King’s birthday.

I managed to walk along here with only Ethel’s help & did not sit down on the way, but I shall get carried back I think.  Here I was interrupted as we were busy watching several more ships coming in, it is pretty to see them running up their flags directly they come to anchor.

I was so sorry to hear of the accident you had with the Byrd’s trap, you must have all been very frightened & it was a mercy that poor Muriel was not more hurt.  I am afraid from what Betty says that it has caused a little friction with the Byrds, Mrs Byrd thinks so much of the pony & of course she would be vexed at his being hurt, but she is rather starchy & may not have taken the accident in quite the kindest manner.

Is Clara still away? if so that would not help matters.  I am very interested to hear about Tudor House & hope it may be true, I was very much afraid the old house would be pulled down.  Ethel sends her love to you all & will not write today as I am doing so, she has just gone for a little airing before dinner, it is rather difficult for her to get out much as she likes to see me safely back to bed first.  I actually got into all my clothes today except my dress, & may perhaps try that tomorrow, but I don’t know when I shall feel equal to doing my hair, I have not even brushed it myself yet.  I was pleased to see Mary last week but thought her looking a lot older; since she came she has sent Ethel £5 for various expenses & this morning I had another £5 from Aunt Fanny; I feel positively ashamed of getting so many presents but it shows how many kind friends I have.

Did Ethel ever ask you about the GFS station card?  Would you kindly get the one from Badsey station, fill in my name in the new one & have it glazed & put up again.  Has Miss Lermit found anything for Rose & Nelly Perkins yet?  I am afraid you are having a lot of my work to do.  I am glad Juliet seems so well & hope she will keep so when she goes back to school; will Dr Beresford Jones have to see her to give her a clean bill of health?  Give my best love to Father, I ought to write to him but felt you had been rather neglected.  Are all your children back again yet?  Do you hear of any new ones for next term.  Tell Brailsford the asparagus from home was very nice, I have had some most days.  My appetite is not very grand yet & I get so much tired; the Doctor keeps telling me to feed up & I try & do so, but it is rather hard work.  

Give my love to Mrs Ashwin & Muriel when you see them.

With much love to you & Betty

I remain
Your loving mother

Eugénie N Sladden

P.S.  We shall not send you any clothes this week, but are having a few done here.

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