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May 5th 1912 - Letter from Ethel Sladden to her father, Julius Sladden

5th May 1912
Correspondence From
Ethel Sladden, Belgrave Hotel, Torquay
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Belgrave Hotel, Torquay

May 5th/12

My dear Father

Mother was very pleased to get your letter this morning.  The doctor came about 12 o’clock.  He sounded Mother thoroughly again, so far the cold is keeping off the lungs and he quite hopes and thinks at present that it will pass off without raising up the old trouble.  Her temperature varies a good deal and does not go down as quickly as we should like, but Dr Paul says we must not expect it quite down for another two days.  Her cough is rather better and still not hard, and she brings up the phlegm pretty easily.  There is a secretion at the apex of the lung which Dr Paul wants to get moved quickly, and I have to get a linament made up to rub the back with twice a day.  Her medicine is to be changed a little also.  I have the prescriptions made up at Bourne’s, he is very like his brother at Evesham.  I must go down after tea and get them made up.  The doctor thought Mother better, and I thought so too.  She had quite a good night, was not so hot, slept until 2.30, then had her medicine, and slept again until 8 o’clock when she had her tea.  Her appetite is certainly improved and the doctor wants her to be well fed up, only while her temperature is up must it be only light things.  She had an egg for breakfast, and a little fish for lunch, and with pudding and baked apple afterwards.  Her strength seems to keep up pretty well considering her temperature has been up, and she is pretty bright on the whole.  I asked the doctor when he would come again, he suggested Tuesday or Wednesday, so I said the former, as I hope Mother will be able to get up by then.  I do not think it necessary for you to come down, I asked the doctor what he thought.  Rest quiet is all we can do for the present.  Mother felt equal to one game of colorite last night.  Mother very much hopes you will be able to go to London to enjoy the change.  Mrs Lee has just come in and wants me to go out for a walk before tea, so I am going whilst Mother is resting, and will post this in the town.

Much love to all.

I remain your loving daughter

Ethel N Sladden

The temperature was 99.4 this morning, and 100 when the doctor came.  I must take it again before tea.

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