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May 2nd 1912 - Letter from Ethel Sladden to her father, Julius Sladden

2nd May 1912
Correspondence From
Ethel Sladden, Belgrave Hotel, Torquay
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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Belgrave Hotel, Torquay

May 2nd/12

My dear Father

Mother was very pleased to have your letter this morning, also one from Aunt Lizzie Fellows.  You will be sorry to hear that Mother has a nasty feverish cold but I hope that with care she will be better in a few days.  She stayed indoors yesterday as her temperature was a little above normal, she was a little restless last night, and did not sleep very well, and I kept her in bed this morning, her temperature was 101, so I told her she must stay there.  I took it again before lunch, and it had risen to 103, so I thought it best to send for a doctor.  Mrs Lee knew of a good one here, Dr Paul, so we telephoned for him, he has just been.  He hopes with two or three days in bed, it will pass off, it is almost like influenza, but not the usual symptoms of aching and sickness.  I told him about Mother’s illness first, so he knew what to look for.  She must stay in bed, have light diet, and he is sending some medicine to get the temperature down and will call in the morning.  The doctor seemed very nice, of course Mother felt rather against seeing another one, but we both felt it wiser, and that you would wish it.  She has a little cough, but not much on the chest, just tickling.  I have left her now to go to sleep if possible while I write this letter.  Mrs Lee is most kind and ready to do anything.  I went out for an hour with her this morning and she brought Mother such a lovely bunch of flowers, roses, lilies and narcissus.  She has offered to sit and read to Mother after tea, while I go out for an airing.  I will write again after the doctor has been tomorrow morning, should she not be so well I would wire, but I quite hope that tomorrow she will begin to mend again.  Today is so much warmer, I hope the cold winds will go now.  It pretended to rain a little yesterday.  We are very glad to hear that Betty is getting on, and I hope that May is not feeling her work too much.  I am glad the chickens hatched so well, and hope they will flourish.  Mary Robinson is not coming until Tuesday, it is fortunate after all, as we should have to had put her off tomorrow with Mother’s cold.  I am afraid it will be a disappointment to you about Mother’s cold as it is to her and me, but I hope it will be nothing more, and I know you will feel less anxious as we have had the doctor.  The hotel people are most ready and anxious to do anything and make no trouble of it.

With much love from us both to you all.

Your loving daughter

Ethel N Sladden

A letter has just come for Mother from Arthur.  I am just going out leaving Mrs Lee in charge.  It is a glorious afternoon, such a shame Mother has to stay in.

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