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December 28th 1884 - Letter from George Coleman Sladden to his brother, Julius Sladden

28th December 1884
Correspondence From
George Coleman Sladden, 9 Walworth Terrace, Kent Road, Glasgow
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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9 Walworth Terrace
Kent Road

Dec 28 1884

Dear Julius

I was sorry to hear that Eugénie was not able to get to Ash with you as it must have greatly interfered with the enjoyment of your holiday as well as hers.  I trust she is better and that a rest will set her up again in a short time.  I suppose you to have seen her today and to be now about on your way to Badsey again where I trust you will find all in order on your arrival.  There is one thing, Eugénie could hardly be in better hands to become well for that at Surbiton so I hope she will soon be well enough to travel home again.

I will send you the 3/9 in stamps either by this letter or on the next occasion of my writing to you.  I think it was a “nice plan” to get Mother a book to commemorate her 70th birthday - and for you to get it as of course it would be absolutely necessary to keep it a [?] secret until the day arrives.

I suppose you would have high jinks at Rosway last Tuesday.  We had our Xmas dinner in peace this year for a wonder although I was hard at work all the day from  am till 5 pm (such is the heathen custom of these benighted Scotch they want a missionary much more than the Hottentots do).  We had only ourselves and two other friends but we had a very good dinner and enjoyed it as much as possible at such a distance from civilization.

I sent off a postcard yesterday for another cask of beer as mine is seen out just after Xmas - it has been thoroughly good all through.  Of course the great Scotch Saturnalia begins on Wednesday when every one of them will get more or less full of whiskey - however I do not care anything about that day (New Year) as I never fail to tell people here as a sort of revenge for their not keeping Xmas - ugh - the scaly [?]!

We are having remarkably quiet weather and out of Glasgow not doubt it is beautiful - but here it is very foggy and not very cold for the time of year.  We had a hard first last Monday but I do not think it lasted cold very long.

With much love to your tribe and trusting Eugénie is getting better again.

I remain
Your affectionate brother
Geo C Sladden


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