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April 24th 1915 - Letter from George Sladden to his father, Julius Sladden

24th April 1915
Correspondence From
George Sladden, No 14 General Hospital, No 5 Garage, Boulogne Base
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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No 14 General Hospital
No 5 Garage
Boulogne Base

24th April 1915

My dear Father

Unluckily I have followed Arthur’s bad example and am here with a light attack of measles. There was some infection in the village where we were first billeted and it has spread to the Battalion, I hope it will not attack too many men. The rash has now left me, so I feel it is quite safe to write. I am afraid that this attack has made me leave rather a long gap unfilled with letters. We had just moved billets yet again and still nearer to the firing line and the Battalion was again in the trenches when the rash appeared on me and I had to beat a retreat by motor ambulance to the clearing hospital and thence, after one night by train to this place. We are outside Boulogne and as the address shows, the ward I sleep in is a garage; it is part of the premises of a big hotel which with a Casino form the main part of the hospital. I was hopelessly bored to distraction. I don’t know how I shall get through the next fortnight: just when we were thoroughly busy too. I have no idea when I shall succeed in getting to the boys again. They have a way of sending you back to the base after you are discharged to wait until a draft of reinforcements happens to be going up: I shall see if there is any way of getting back on my own before that. I hope Mother is better again.

Love to all from
Your affectionate son

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