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October 7th 1916 - Letter from George Sladden to his father, Julius Sladden

7th October 1916
Correspondence From
George Sladden, In France
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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In France

7 Oct 1916

My dear Father

The worst of ‘big pushes’ and such like affairs is seen when they result in a disorganised post. We have missed three days out of four; and I feel that the corresponding shove forward ought to be a very substantial one if we are to be adequately compensated. However, the one day in the four when our stuff came through yielded letters from Rosie and Arthur’s, and your “Weekly Times”.

Arthur’s letter made me feel rather envious; but I suppose he is back at work again now and that his leave is now only a memory while mine is in anticipation. In that respect I now have the best of him!

The latest paper that I have seen was a Daily Mail of Wednesday last. I was glad to see a long and correct account of our recent big affair. It is a thing that raised a great deal of resentment when we read the early accounts and found that the credit was all being given to the wrong people and to the “Tanks”!

Yes, of course, I have seen the tanks - many of them. They were a wonderfully well-kept secret. I first heard rumours of them about a week before the attack; and as the war has developed mighty powers of disbelief in me, I promptly gave no credence to the story. But then one of our men saw one; and next day I saw a lot of them and had a good sample of their powers exhibited to me. For when three or four of them came to a dead block in the road at a place where there were banks just like those on Horsebridge Hill they simply crawled up the bank and along the top and then descended to the road again after they had passed the block. After that I was ready to believe anything!

I have told Rosie that if I get home I shall go to Messrs Machin & Kingsley with a bayonet to demand a few days leave for her. If only she could come down to Badsey with me it would make leave doubly good.

The Balham situation is becoming doubly interesting. It seems to me that the peninsula must be infected with duplicity. Old Abdul Hamid himself could not have wriggled and temporised more abundantly than [533|Tino]] has done. It is all very amusing to watch; but it would certainly be more satisfactory if the attitude of Greece could be finally fixed. The uncertainty of the situation must check the activity of Sarrail’s army.

I am glad to hear news of Boo. I daresay he will not quarrel with his luck. I wonder if any further active operations are pending out there or whether they will make that a holding campaign while they decide the fate of Turkey nearer home.

They are certainly developing an excellent way with Zeppelins at home. A few more brace brought down will probably make the Germans discuss whether it is worth their while to replace their losses or to continue raiding.

Love to all
Your affectionate son

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