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July 27th 1877 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his fiancée, Eugénie Mourilyan

27th July 1877
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Chipping Norton
Correspondence To
Eugénie Mourilyan, 188 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris
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Chipping Norton

July 27th 1877

My Darling Eugénie,

I was out yesterday on some business connected with the firm and on my return in the evening and the package containing the portrait awaiting me, this was a double pleasure and seemed like a welcome home from my darling and it made me think how I should always like a welcome & a sweet kiss after any little absence from my loved one, and somehow I fancy I shall generally get that! 

Notwithstanding your derogatory remark concerning your own letter I thoroughly enjoyed it and indeed, Eugénie, your letters are all very dear to me and always seem to do me good and make me happy, my darling need never fear that her letters are not fully appreciated or that her own Julius fails to realize the full depth of her dear trusting love.

I am sorry the last letter or two should have been delivered late, they ought to have arrived in the morning as usual for I posted them in plenty of time, I do hope this one will not be delayed for I shall like to feel that you have it on Sunday, the day you like best to receive my letters.

Having read your letter the very first thing on my return last evening I began to unpack your picture, and notwithstanding it was packed very well I found the glass broken, most fortunately part of the glass remained firm and the broken part fell outside that and thus the portrait escaped any injury whatever not the slightest scratch being visible, I shall have a fresh glass to-morrow which I shall be able to fix myself as I cannot let it go out of my keeping, it is to hang over the sideboard, upon which it is now standing, I think I have made a great many errands to-day into the house to have a peep at the dear face which I want to kiss every time I see it only I am afraid of injuring the painting so am obliged to refrain, though I’ve had one or two for all that!

I am delighted at the excellence of the portrait, and shan’t I be proud to have it hanging in my room when any friends come in, I don’t think my own Eugénie is quite aware how proud her lover is of her! it makes me very happy to feel that I shall ever be proud of my darling wife in every way.

So you wonder what has become of all the photos, well, I have, and shall keep four, the two full length ones and the vignette you selected are all three in my album, then I have another vignette together with one of my own in a double frame on the mantel shelf, for I like to have you as it were by my side where I can often see you, then my Mother has one of the full length ones, Miss Hougham another, and the remaining vignettes, Charlotte having one, are already presented to my friends here the Rawlinsons, Flints, and Bliss Junr, I gave the latter the pick as they have been very good friends to me, and take such a kind interest in our engagement, by the way I met Miss Rawlinson, Creswicke Rawlinson’s sister, yesterday and she congratulated me very heartily.

I fully meant to try and send one of your roses from the tree next time, I fancy there may be a bloom fit to send in a week or so, those out now are too overblown.

I have never read Daniel Deronda but I like most of George Eliot’s works that I have read very much, I seem to have no time in the summer for reading much but the newspaper.

Do not talk, dearest, of not being able to come over in a few weeks for I am counting on the early part of September, that month, anyway, must not pass without our meeting, I do want to take my dear one in my arms again and feel what a happiness it is to have her close to me.

So you have my portrait hung up in your room?  I like to know that it is there and to feel that I am watching, as it were, over my darling while she sleeps!  Does my face seem to speak to you darling? it would not speak the truth did it not tell of love for you.

Good night dear Eugénie
And believe me ever your own true lover

Julius Sladden

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