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September 18th 1877 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his fiancée, Eugénie Mourilyan

18th September 1877
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Chipping Norton
Correspondence To
Eugénie Mourilyan, 188 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris
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Chipping Norton

Sept 18th 1877

My Darling Eugénie,

I think you might have received a letter from me one day earlier but I have a visitor, and also Alfred Hitchman came in unexpectedly to dinner last evening, so I could not very well manage to write.  

Frank had talked of coming to see me this afternoon and on Saturday I received a letter from him saying he would come that evening and as I was alone I was rather glad to have a companion, I don’t know that I was ever particularly fond of my own society and now I think less than ever, ah, how I long for the presence of my own darling Eugénie, the days seem weary without the companionship of my own dear love!

Your nice affectionate letter came safely to hand yesterday and as Frank was out of the room I was able to enjoy reading it all to myself and take the kiss I felt sure my darling had left upon her name.

I have just been smoking one or two of your cigarettes as I do every evening, I like them very much and in fact they seem somewhat much nicer than any I ever tasted before!

So you think I might not be contented with two kisses, well darling, I am willing to confess that you are right, what wouldn’t I give now to press my Eugénie to my heart and steal a dozen from her sweet lips!

I had quite a pretty bloom from your rose tree on Sunday which I placed in a specimen glass next to your likeness, it is there now, though faded, for I have not liked to throw it away, there are one or two small buds left but I doubt if they will come to anything before the frosts set in.

I think I should like three or four more pairs of vignettes if you will order them for me.  Frank likes your big picture; how often I look at it, I feel now as if I should like to get up and talk to it if I were alone in the room.  

I rather think I may send some gladioli to exhibit at the Crystal Palace on Friday, a year ago I took third prize in the amateur’s class the winner coming all the way from Scotland, so you can see the competition is pretty good.

I do not think you need call yourself “conceited” in thinking that my thoughts are with you even when I am talking (perhaps you would say flirting!) with others, ah, my darling Eugénie you need never be afraid that there is any corner in my heart unoccupied by your love,  I am so happy in the knowledge of the possession of your dear love, I feel it is all I want now or hereafter, I think it would trouble me if I imagined you could believe my love would ever grow cold towards you, in our married life I shall like my Eugénie always to feel that her husband is trying to repay the love and confidence she has given him.

And now I think I must conclude my letter, anyway for this evening, or you will be smiling, and telling me I am a little spooney.

Good-night then darling, God bless you
Ever believe in the fond love
Of your affectionate

Julius Sladden


I hope Fred is feeling better for his change.  Tell Joe if he wants to visit me in my bachelor abode he must make up his mind to come across soon.  Frank leaves again to-day.

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Envelope containing 2 double sheets of notepaper
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