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November 22nd 1877 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his fiancée, Eugénie Mourilyan

22nd November 1877
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Chipping Norton
Correspondence To
Eugénie Mourilyan, 188 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris
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Chipping Norton

Nov 22nd 1877

My Darling Eugénie,

I think you will look for a letter on Saturday morning so I will write to-night before bed-time.

I have written to Polly about the housemaid you mentioned though I have heard of another who might suit however, between the two, I hope we may secure one.

“The Somersetshire” docked yesterday I expect to hear from George in a post or two.

To-day I received a wedding present from Uncle George in the shape of £10 with which he asked me to purchase anything I liked, we will wait, dear, and select something when we know what other people may give us, Alfred Hitchman told me to-day he proposed giving me a dining room clock and he said he thought Willie Bliss would give me a drawing room clock so you see we shall be pretty well off for time pieces.

My party went off very well I had been quite unwell for twenty four hours or more and was glad to be able to do the honours of any table properly, I had been out of sorts for a few days and had perhaps rather overworked myself in the garden when very cold and wet, however I am much better and have taken my meals with relish to-day, you see, darling, it is quite time I had some one to look after me!

I gave Alfred Hitchman his invitation for he is here for a few days, he will reply shortly but is not quite certain about coming yet, I hear old Mr H. was quite pleased at his invitation, he showed it to me to-day together with his reply.

I am so glad you have had pleasant news from May I think somehow, dearest, you will have a peculiar pleasure in welcoming her, some day before long I hope, to your own home.

So you really begin to feel, darling, that your Paris life, is rapidly drawing to an end, I can quite understand that you cannot look forward to so many good-bye’s without some emotion, I always think, darling, that you are giving up a great deal for me but then it makes me feel very happy to know that I have so won my Eugénie’s heart that she can give up all for one who will indeed try and repay her fond loving trust.

I suppose Charlotte will now actually cross on 28th but as you say her visit will be very short.

You need not fear that Miss Wilkins will be married before you get to Chipping Norton as I hear the engagement is to last three years!

I will not write more for I am very tired and sleepy so good night, dearest,
Ever believe me
Your own affectionate

Julius Sladden

I must get the piano in next week before the entrance doors are grained and the walls finished but there shall be no damage for want of fires.

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