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November 27th 1877 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his fiancée, Eugénie Mourilyan

27th November 1877
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Chipping Norton
Correspondence To
Eugénie Mourilyan, 188 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris
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Chipping Norton

Nov 27 /77

My Darling Eugénie,

I was dining at the Rawlinsons last evening or should probably have written at once in answer to your dear kind letter which gave me a great deal of happiness, you are a good loving girl to write me such affectionate letters.

I am very much better, indeed I may almost say, I think, quite well again so you need not be anxious about me, darling, however I think a little change will do me good and I am wanting very much to see my own Eugénie again!

I quite approve of your amended plan for our honeymoon trip and as you say the train will suit admirably, I must write to Gus in a week or so and I will then ask him to write and secure rooms for us at a comfortable hotel, perhaps you can find out from some one who knows Brussels what is the best place to go to.

I suppose Charlotte will be with you before this arrives, I hope she will be fortunate enough to get a fair passage, please give her my love.

As you are aware, I suppose, Alfred Hitchman will not be able to come over, I am sorry but it is rather a long journey for anyone to undertake without a companion except under special circumstances! How about Mr & Mrs Fellows?

Fancy Uncle Tom sending you a wedding present he must I presume consider you “a nice young woman.”

The Rawlinsons have given me a very pretty pair of pepper boxes for the table, with the request that they may be brought into every day use, they are certainly likely to be used frequently being very handy.

This is the last letter I shall write to you from this house I expect, on Thursday night I hope to sleep for the first time in the other abode, our home darling, I think I shall feel lost in our large room so I am going to occupy the little bedroom next to it and as that is to be mostly furnished from our room here I shall seem more at home.

I am expecting most of the furniture in to-morrow and next day and I hope it will arrive all safe, the Turkey carpet is here and looks very good.

I have not secured a housemaid yet, the one Polly wrote about is rather young and would I expect require some considerable teaching but perhaps if no likely one offers it will be well to engage her if she can come, I should like to have a second servant in the house before I leave, what do you think?

What nice wedding presents you have received, we shall have many pretty things to remind us of our friends.

Mrs Chouls is really very good in helping  move and has been much amiable lately, she goes on Monday to her new place but I have told her before she starts she is to come and drink your health, on your birthday, you see I have not quite forgotten the day!

I am still getting on with the garden as fast as the weather will allow, I often think, my darling, how I shall like to show you all the alterations and improvements I have made, for I think my Eugénie, will take an interest in all that.

I hope to see George down here before he sails but he has not yet fixed any time for coming.

By the way, I forgot to say, I suppose your intention is still to return home via Paris on the Sunday before Xmas?

Today I bought a little album and gave to Mrs Chouls with our photos inside, she seemed very pleased.

And now I must close, good night, my own sweet love, God bless you

Ever believe me
Your own affectionate

Julius Sladden

Wednesday Morn.

I have just heard from George, am very pleased at the news of his engagement.

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