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December 14th 1901 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his wife, Eugénie Sladden

14th December 1901
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden
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Dec 14/01

My dearest Wife, 

Your letter to May arrived this morning and we were glad to have further news of your movements, you have not said anything about your visit to Holloway College but I conclude you went there as arranged and I daresay Kath will allude to it in her Sunday letter.

I had a most unpleasant journey to Droitwich & Bromsgrove on Thursday for it snowed heavily the early part of the day and the roads were in a frightful state, the Midland train too was late so I had to take the 5.32 (itself half an hour late) from Worcester and tramp home through the slush from Evesham, however I changed boots and socks on arrival and do not seem to have caught cold, May railed to and fro from Badsey but had a horrible walk home especially.  However she is none the worse for it, Ethel did not attempt to go to Wickhamford at all. To-day it is drier but there is a bitterly cold wind.

You will be glad to hear that the “wooden man” has given me 5/- for your Sunday School fund.  May has been to see Mrs Jeffries but she will not entertain a place so far off as Richmond.  

I will send the travelling money for the home-comers next week.  Tomorrow will be our wedding day when I should like to have you with me dear, if only for the sake of telling you what a darling wife you have been to me these twenty four years.   I am afraid the anniversary will be rather a sad one this year for poor Polly.  

I posted a long letter to Dilnot about the Byrchs and gave him your report about Grannie, I am glad you stopped an extra night as she seemed to wish it.  The girls are finding themselves upon their economical housekeeping and provided an excellent supper this evening for 5½d consisting of fresh sprouts and pikelets, we were all very hungry and “eat a lot we did”.

Baba sends a love and a kiss and thanks for your letter with which she was delighted, Ethel was able to take her a little way in the mail cart to-day.  I hope you and Polly will be able to go to Weybridge on Monday as you will be glad to see Fanny again.  I hope too you will get a sight of your brother Fred.

You seemed to have “spoiled the Egyptians” at Rosway, I did not tell the children of their extra good luck.  By all means get that rod and curtain in Richmond if you can do there as well as at Worcester, you took the size of the door, don’t forget to say that the moulding on the door jambs is about 2 inches, I thought you ought to get what is necessary for about £1.

I hope Mary’s cold is better, would she like that rose tree and I could spare her a clematis I think.

We are all looking forward to getting you home again on Thursday and I rather grudge having to attend the Byrch dinner that evening.

The girls join me in much love.

I am ever

Your affectionate Husband 

Julius Sladden


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