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May 20th 1912 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his wife, Eugénie Sladden

20th May 1912
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, Belgrave Hotel, Torquay
Relationship to Letter Addressee
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Seward House
May 20/12

My dearest Wife,

The Sunday posted letter, as usual, came by the afternoon post and we were glad to hear through Kathleen that you were a little stronger, if progress is slow we must rest satisfied if it is sure and I am quite in hopes when your appetite improves, with increasing strength, you will get along more rapidly.  It was very nice that Kathleen could get to-day off and so make quite a good little visit, now you must look forward to seeing Jack.  Do not worry about not being able to return just yet, it is far wiser for you to remain for some time longer rather than run any risks.

Kath says she and Jack wish to pay the current week’s bill and that being so, I shall not send a cheque this week unless Ethel asks for one, so you see there will still be a “shot in the locker” and you must not worry about money matters.

We are getting on quite nicely and you would be pleased to see Judy now she seems so bright and well.

I got Brailsford to stay after tea and begin placing out the geraniums ready to plant to-morrow, we are to have “Herrick” in the diamond beds by the front door, the hanging plants are put up so we begin to look quite summerlike.

Mustoe looked in just now to tell me that Mrs Evans’ house sold for £745 (she gave £600 for it) it was knocked down to W. Warmington, possibly for his brother in law John Smith late of the railway hotel, I don’t think they would be any great catch! however it may be for someone else.

Wheatley tells me the Manor house is let on lease to a retired clergyman (he thought) however the rumour needs confirmation although he seemed to think the information correct and said Harry Kelland had told him he was not going to have part of the house as arranged but had received £20 by way of compensation.  

My new dress suit has arrived, it seems quite satisfactory, I put the coat and waistcoat on this evening and the fit is all right.

Tuesday.  We were glad to have Ethel’s bulletin this morning and to hear you were taking more in the way of nourishment for I am sure that is a step in the right direction.

I received the enclosed kind letter from Polly this morning and am sending you on the present in my own cheque which you can cash when required, I have made it out in Ethel’s name to save you the trouble of signing, I will of course write and thank her to-day – now you see there will be less reason than ever for you to worry on the score of expenses.

They are putting the water pipe across the road for the fountain and then the concrete is to be laid so as to have good time to set before building on it, the scaffolding excites great wonder as the tops of the poles are as high as the short telegraph one, the villagers have hardly yet realised that it is to be something more than a mere trough.

Much love dear to you and Ethel.

Your affectionate Husband

Julius Sladden


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