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May 26th 1912 - Letter from Julius Sladden to his wife, Eugénie Sladden

26th May 1912
Correspondence From
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
Correspondence To
Eugénie Sladden, Belgrave Hotel, Torquay
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Seward House
May 26/12

My darling Wife,

I was so pleased to get a letter from you again as I could have no better proof of the progress you are making, it will be a welcome change for you to be able to sit up a little and I hope each day you will be able to prolong the time, but you must be careful not to attempt too much as yet.

We have had a nice warm day here but it is cold again this evening.  If fine to-morrow I propose to cycle with May and Juliet to Ford and have our tea there, we think of going by way of Snowshill and back by Stanway.

Juliet is wonderfully bright and well again, her cough has nearly gone and I should think she may be able to return to school in about a fortnight.

I understand the Manor house is let on lease to a clergyman from Birmingham who is running some sort of brotherhood instituted by Bishop Gore, whether the pupils are defective in anyway physically or morally no one seems to know but it appears they are to learn market gardening, the clergyman is said to be under forty and to be well off, he is an Oxford man, Exeter College, he seems to have a fine Daimler motor car which would betoken means, is said to contemplate installing electric light and perhaps building a chapel, it appears he called at the vicarage yesterday but found only “Ma” in, he is to go there to tea when he comes again next Friday after which I shall be able to glean more particulars from “Passon”.  We rather wonder how two clerics in the place may get on after a while, at first no doubt it will be all honey but complications might arise!

I thought I had found a customer for the bull calf, which I advertised, but it came to nought so I sent him to Kerr.

The Dawson rose on the barn is coming out also Carmine Pillar and Aqlaia, the centre of the circle in front of the dining room has a few blooms on it already, that is the tree Boo trained so carefully.

I will enclose you an interesting letter received from New Zealand, Arthur, I should like to have it back again to answer in due course.

Mrs Eyres Monsell has promised to open the fountain on June 22 Coronation Day, I am going to get Miss Macdonald to coach the children up in a few patriotic songs for the occasion.  Mr Lees Milne has had to have that eye removed but is about as normal, Audrey has low typhoid but seems improving.  May enquired to-day.  I expect you and Ethel are both enjoying Jack’s visit and I hope the little change will do him good.

Much love dear Wife from us all.

Your affectionate Husband

Julius Sladden

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