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September 26th 1899 - Letter from May Sladden to her sister, Kathleen Sladden

26th September 1899
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May Sladden
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Kathleen Sladden
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Sept 26th/99

My dear Kathleen

It is past ten so I must hurry & scribble you a few lines as I want to have a little read before I go to bed which means I do not intend to retire very early!  I make a point always, if possible to read a little every evening.  I have finished Sartor Resartus & am now reading Carlyle’s Lectures on Heroes, they are very nice, much more readable than Sartor.

You will like to hear how my pupils are getting on.  I don’t think they are getting on any worse than I expected, the French of course is awful, I simply cannot imagine how I shall push them through in that, especially in “Columba” they have no idea of translation.  Last week in half an hour they prepared about 15 lines & didn’t know them!!!  S. Luke we seem to be getting on with rather too slowly, Geog: we have only made a start at, ditto As You Like It, but in History we are progressing fairly well, in fact we have quite broken the back of James I's reign.  I make out quite grand notes to supplement the small Ransomes, I feel quite proud of them.  They both keep up their interest so far, I only hope & trust it will last.  Cyril is working better on the whole, the arrangement of taking him separately works much better than the old way.

We have quite settled down into the term routine, I begin to feel a well-oiled machine as I generally do in proper term time.

Mother brings me Baby a little before seven every morning, I get up then or soon after, get my room done before breakfast, generally we have finished breakfast by 8.40 except of course Mother & Baby, I do the boys’ room & go across.  Lately Mother has got on pretty well with the morning’s work, sometimes she gets a lot done every day & then for some days together she seems to have a lot left to do when I come back.  However the former has been the case lately.

Of course my afternoons vary, but I generally give Cyril his lesson some time between 4 & 6.  Yesterday we went blackberrying for Kilburn & got twelve pounds almost entirely from a hedge about 50 yards long along the Wickhamford road.  I never saw such sights of blackberries.  We sent them off today with some windfall apples that Father let us have for them.

In the evening I practise for at least half an hour directly after tea, then correct & prepare lessons after which it is generally about 8.30.  Then a glance at the newspaper, then needle-work, prayers & read – go to bed.  Here’s a long discourse for you all about my affairs.

Write me the same in return all about yours.  I want to know how you are getting on.  When is Ruth going to Clewer?

I have not written to Emily since she went.  I daresay I may hear from her before long.  How is she? All right?  How is Miss White this term?

Much love to you both

From May

Babe is very well & a little duck.

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